The Sadgi

3. Sadgi


The Sadgi official map

Map created by Shaun Jooste. ©2008 – 2015

Professional design by Robin Dean Smith, BIZculture resident graphic design artist. ©2015

Published by African Publishers. ©2015

Printed by Groep 7 Drukkers

bizcullogo1-300x117 africanGroep7

Creatures (still under construction)

SHADOWOLF’S ARMY                                                                                                                LE’MAR’S ARMY


008ec877-b347-46b6-b978-960d1161ea32_560_420Merman / -maid: “has the body of a human, but its legs are replaced by a scaly tail and lives in rivers, lakes or oceans. Ruled by a mer-king who possesses a three-pronged trident as a weapon of power”

Merlani: “Of human and mer-conception, usually man and mermaid. Can transform tail to human legs at will.”

Many us know about mermaids, and that in some legends they are able to transform their tails to legs to walk onto land. I’ve stuck to the theory that their legs change back if they get wet, as it made the story more exhilarating, especially with the battle scenes. The Merlani combination of human-mermaid allowed me to create a situation where this limitation is removed.

images (1)Demon-Queen: “A mer-queen that rules over a group of sirens, with a dark trident of her own. Has snakes twisting from her hair and four arms attached to her body that ends in a twin mer-tail. Part of Le’Mar’s army attacking the Mer-Kindgom”

Put her in the water instead of fire, and this image pretty much captures it. There is more than one demon-queen, each with their own school of sirens, as opposed to the singular mer-King who rules over all the mer-Kingdom. Add some snake heads twisting in her hair, and you have a swimming medusa look-alike.

download (6)Siren: “a ghostly apparition or being that can take many physical forms and can travel on air, land or sea; known for its tendency to seduce men in order to kill them, and lures them by beauty and song. Often mistaken for a mermaid when in the form of a water-siren and can be killed when in physical form. Ruled by a Demon-Queen with a dark trident”

Sirens are almost exclusively used in their battle against the mer-Kingdom in my novels. I’ve taken the old adage of mermaids luring men into the oceans and killing them, and given this to the sirens (as is it written in Greek mythology actually).


angelsAngel: “a divine being from heaven with fiery wings who has the ability to chain and capture demons for their imprisonment”

Why should demons hold the monopoly on fire, right? Even though it is finally revealed who the four main Elementëls (KariemsaPh, Merlandsi, Goudlem and Enodhim) are, the army of angels finally make an appearance to fight the horde of demons that Le’Mar has been unleashing. I didn’t spend much time describing the angels, as I was in the throes of the final war and any detailed creature description would have serious offset the pace of the action. I’ve always imagined them looking just like us though, with the ability to transform into the light essence that they really are. I loved the angel appearance in Diablo, but I prefer them without armour as I don’t believe they need it.

download (8)demon_by_gpzang-d786x8oDemon
: “Hideous, ethereal beast of the underworld with the sole purpose of destroying every good in the world. Has the ability to take many shapes and possess other creatures, thereby giving them supernatural abilities. Part of Le’Mar’s army when summoned from the underworld”

So not the cute, human-like demons from the “Supernatural” series, as much as I loved those (go Ruby!!). Go more for a Diablo-themed demon. The image on the left shows its real form, while in the novel it is more a spirit that possesses another form as a host or takes on a more ethereal form, such as on the right.

Vampir-1aVampeyer: “pale, black-robed creature relatively close to being human,
except that it is dead. It sucks on the blood of the living to survive,
with razor sharp teeth to pierce the skin of its victims. Has adversity
to sunlight”

The traditional vampire with superhuman speed and strength, while not being able to survive sunlight. These are more in line with “Underworld” and Anne Rice’s vampires than any other. Nellice’s closest visual description would fit that of Brad Pitt’s Louis de Pointe du Lac in “The Interview with the Vampire”

79d156c0-83f3-4af2-826e-f963b2283042Dragon: “Great, reptilian beast with sharp fangs, ferocious talons and
enormous wings; has the ability to breathe fire from its lungs and can
bond with a single human in extremely unique circumstances, but
usually only when a bargain is struck. They reside in Bentley Strip”

Think of every dragon book or movie you have read or seen, and that’s about it. The dragons are ruled in another world by a Dragon King, currently Asgorna, where they are waging a fierce war against rebel dragons and wyverns who want to take the king down. On the very rare occasion that a dragon binds its soul with a human, it comes at a high price that is usually more beneficial to the dragon than the human. In my novels, the dragons arms are attached to the wings, which differentiates it from the wyverns.

wyvernWyvern: “leathery, sleek dragon-like beast, smaller in size to a dragon but much faster”

I’m sure somewhere, someone has a hard and fast rule as to what separates dragons from wyverns. I have not researched this in any extensive detail, but somewhere in reading fantasy tales or stories on dragons I remember it being said that the wyverns fore-limbs are not attached to the wings, while with dragons they are. I have oft-times stuck to this appearance, but have made exceptions, such as the dragon Fereya who has them separate. My greatest differentiation is that the dragons are colossally huge while wyverns are much smaller. T-Rex versus velociraptor. Also, in my novels the dragons have large scales and horns while the wyverns have leathery skin with no horns.

1f31e046-7bc9-433d-883d-c5182336dfa9Fairdievell: a species of fairy known for their variety of light and colour and mostly for their power. This species resides in the Fairiwell, a haven provided by the elves in tunnels beneath Eldor’s Forest. 

It’s a fairy… nuff said, right? Seriously though, if the novels were movies, you would not so much see the fairies as much as you do the light that surrounds them. So when they surround Chenesia in the Fairiwell, it isn’t as if she is seeing what they truly look like, only what she is able to see. And for any of you that think of them only as cute, think again… on Celenic Earth, they are a warrior class of their own.

.cornish-pixie-potterFletchling: small, blue creature similar to a fairy but three times the size and with bat-like wings and sharp fangs. Part of Le’Mar’s army.

When “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” came out, and I saw these cornish pixies on film, I widened my eyes and thought “hey, just add bat wings to that thing and you have my fletchlings”. That’s about the closest imagery I can give for these creatures… use, don’t use it…..

Honestly though, the fletchlings were mostly created as future opponents of the fairdievells.

firestromFirestrom: “mountainous fire elementël that hovers off the ground; has four heads upon its fiery body – lion, shark, gorilla and horse. Can separate into four elementëls, with a central core keeping them together”

I had to get a bit creative with this image, since this creature was created purely by my imagination with no inspiration from anywhere, except possibly the Greek chimera. The image hardly does it justice though, so you will need to extend your imagination for it. Maybe one day I can get an artist, or myself, to do a proper artistic interpretation of it.

images (5)Pegasus: “mythical horse with large wings and special powers for combat. Located in a mythical land called uPendus”

I make reference to a pegasus that T’Mar rode during the Battle for T’Mar’s Scourge, although towards the end of the series I differentiate between pegasi and pegators. The pegasus is white, not because it reflects good (which is merely coincidental), but because the land where they reside is snowy like the arctic and their coats reflect that homeland.

images (8)Pegator: “kin to the pegasus, but has a black coat instead of white. Corrupted by Le’Mar to fight for him in the war”

As with the pegasus, the black coat has nothing to do with evil. They were cast out of uPendas so many years ago, away from the white lands filled with snow and mist, that their white sheen eventually vanished and turned black through generations in a new climate. Their allegiance to Le’Mar has more to do with reclaiming their land than anything against the people of Celenic Earth.


hero-thiefAssassin: “a stealthy, efficient mercenary hired to kill a target for a price by any means necessary”

Think less Assassin’s Creed and more Guild Wars Thief class, or Taki from Soul Calibur, and you have a better idea of these assassins. When assassins reach the high rank of dark assassin, they are called Semhum Kateth. There is a galactic Order of Assassins which outsources their trained assassins to anyone, anywhere in any world for the right price.

400px-Defending_ShaemoorCentaur: “has the body of a horse, and the abdomen and upper body of a human. The centaur kings have horns attached to their heads as a sign of their superiority.”

I don’t know many variations on the centaur theme; be it “God of War”, Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, they all seem about the same. Mine feature horns on their head though, which isn’t really a common theme. I did enjoy creating the Butcher of Philagis, which was inspired by the “Butcher” from Diablo 1 back then, who has made a return in Diablo 3. Fresh meat, anyone?

 “a beast with a wolf head and human body; torso usually uncovered and a loose cloth around waist. It is known for its ability to overcome the power of Haniegke or Creth-Demons over Crethans, freeing them from its command”

The same as a Creth-Demon, which is now called a Haniegke, however the Creth-Angel is someone from Celenic Earth that has managed to overpower the control of the Creth-Demon over the Celenic Crethans.

download (7)Haniegke: “a Creth-Demon from the Underworld that rules over Hieragke. They have wolf heads and human bodies and can change Crethans from humans to wolves with golden sceptres”

These were once called Creth-Demons by the people of Celenic Earth (see DragonRider glossary), but now that the Underworld has joined the war, their real names have been revealed by Anuxis. Very much inspired by my favourite Egyptian mythology legend, Anubis.

Werewolf and victimCrethan / -thine: “Celenic human cursed by the bite of a Creth-Demon; whenever a Creth-Demon is nearby, they transform against their will into a deformed wolf that does the bidding of the Creth-Demon.”

Celenic Earth’s version of our infamous werewolf, but instead of being transformed by the full moon, it is transformed by the power of a Haniegke. A Creth-Angel has the ability to overpower this.

hieragkeHieragke: “a wolf servant of the Haniegke not from Celenic Earth. They are spirits of the Underworld that take the form of deformed wolves”

The true wolves of the Underworld who are controlled by the Haniegke. Not to be confused with the Celenic Crethans who originate from Celenic Earth.


Dwarf: “A short, stocky human with large beard and usually an axe for a weapon. They are masters of dwarven lore and Architectural Engineering. They reside in Dwarf Mountains and are the guardians of the Vale of Tigers”

Ever seen Lord of the Rings? See those small men with long beards, gruff voices and axes larger than their bodies? That be dwarves, and every great fantasy RPG / strategy game you have played (such as Heroes of Might and Magic). If you imagine Hargon looking like Gimli from LOTR, then you are on the right track.

Fire_mage_by_yobtaf-d4d6btjElemental: “A human or creature with the ability to summon one or more of the four elements, whether in form or essence. Uses power of the spirit to master the elements”

How many of us have not dreamed of being able to do this? We see it appearing more and more in the movies these days. If I could have any power or ability, it would be to summon the power of the elements, hence the theme of the series (duh).

windElementël: “A being composed of one or more of the four elements of nature. Has no allegiance and can be summoned by an Elemental”

This is simply a being transformed from the elements, which are very much featured in the “Heroes of Might and Magic” game series. Hardly ever exists without being summoned by an Elemental.

elfElf: “One of the ancient creatures that were on the world when it was created; pointed ears and green-shaded skin, with the elder elves deep green in colour. Adept at any weapon, but specialise in staff and bow. They are masters of the elvin lore and servants of Bontu; they reside in the Far Isles and Eldor’s Forest”

Give this elf a little bit more green to her skin, and that about cuts it. Everything you’ve learned about elves from Lord of the Rings and any other fantasy series that features them should be enough detail for these. Give Orlando Bloom as Legolas a shade of green skin, and you have a good representation for Prince Lesan. Eldor would lean more towards Piccolo from DragonBall Z.


tumblr_inline_nq7ibjcKz61slrvm0_500Gargoyle: “Stony being that resembles a human who usually stands guard against evil forces. Sunlight hardens their bodies and they remain motionless until the source of light is removed. Superior gargoyles have wings”

I am so glad I found this image, I was not sure I would find an almost exact match as much as this one. I’m not sure where I got the idea for gargoyles that resembled humans, except that it assisted the plot for the “Windfarer”, and became engraved (see what I did there?) in the entire series.

nelnar2Nelmurian wolves:white wolves that reside in the snowy parts of uPendus from which Nelnar, Shadowolf’s wolf, originated”

download (4)

Saint: “Servant, sage and fighter of Bontu, the one true God. Uses the powers given to him by Bontu to defend the innocent and defeat evil”

You don’t have to imagine a halo or anything, just a wise being filled with and guided by the ultimate essence of God. Yes, this is my Gandalf

unicorn8Unicorn: “mythical horse with a power sack embedded beneath a single,pointed horn that protrudes from the horse’s forehead. Has the many powers, including the ability to fly”

I’ve seen many pictures of unicorns with wings, but in my novels the winged horses are kept exclusively among the pesagi. I’ve also kept to the legend of unicorns being very rare. Also, in 2002 when I researched unicorns for this series, I had read somewhere that Ursula was considered the mother of all unicorns and the very first of their kind. So I kept to that name as it is very apt on Celenic Earth.

witchWitch: “woman with dark powers, using them to thwart their enemies and known for their ability to summon and vanquish the undead and demons”

Definitely not of the pointy hat variety, and heavily inspired by the “Charmed” tv series which I have spent far too much time watching. If you prefer the term “wiccan”, then that would suffice too. I’ve included an image of the witch from “The Golden Compass” movie, though, as this is what I imagined Heula would look like.

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