Visual Glossary

When I first published my Celenic Chronicles, the thought of having a glossary of characters in my books completely escaped me. I can only blame this on never having worked through the glossary of any of the fantasy books I read in my youth, having the ability to easily remember who everyone is by the mental relationship I built with them. Even now, with no documents open in front of me, I can easily give you the background of any of my characters and creatures, because of my personal, intimate bond with the story.

Of course, my story is not everyone’s story, and when the first editions of the last publication went out, I received quite a few responses whereby the addition of a glossary would have been helpful. Slap on my head with palm, and uttering “of course… how did I forget that?”, I then realised the importance of a glossary. You will be happy to note that the new editions all have glossaries relevant to each book.

However, I am also very much aware that not everyone can conjure up visual images in their mind of the type of creatures being described. After all, I as the author just take for granted that the reader will know exactly what I am talking about… except the reader cannot see into my head.

I am therefore including in my website some additional information on the creatures, some more descriptions, and maybe some reference to other source material that can give a better understanding of the creatures you will be dealing with. Saying a “vampire” these days means almost nothing unless you can equate it to “Underworld”, Anne Rice or the Twilight Saga. I am also including the Maps of each book, as it is quite small due to the page size limits of publishing hard copies.

So, without further adieu and for your eternal enjoyment, here are the links to the visual glossary of the Celenic Earth Chronicles:

The Windfarer

The DragonRider

The Sadgi

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