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Reviews and Feedback

@Tanshaydar : “@Shadowolfd Finished Betrayal. It was one hell of a ride…. the book lives up to its name

Reddit Private Message: “I’m loving it. It’s like a return home. Your book is really worth the read.”

Andi Hodgetts: ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal by Shaun M Jooste‘ Rating: 8/10

 “Not only will this book appeal to the many Silent Hill fans that are out there, but can be enjoyed by a wider audience as well. I urge people to go and get this book, it’s great both in writing style and content matter.” 

GameTyrant (Dean Clark): ‘Book Review: Silent Hill BetrayalRating: 8/10

“The whole story is accurate to the (Silent Hill) series in many aspects.  It was a gripping story that kept me wanting to know what was next! Jooste showed a detailed knowledge of the story and the functions within Silent Hill.”


Interviews and Announcements

MySilentHill – Interview by gaming journalist and SH fundi, HB Duran: ‘Exclusive: ‘Silent Hill Betrayal,’ A Horror Novel Coming Soon’

NAG Online – Announcement: ‘Nobody gets out alive in Silent Hill: Betrayal, a novel by local indie writer Shaun Jooste’

Tanshaydar – Interview by Turk journalist and founder of Turkey’s SH Community, Tansel Altınel: ‘Interview with upcoming ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ author Shaun Michael Jooste’

Tygerburger Newspaper – Interview by Cape Town journalist, Andre Bakker: ‘Local Writer Does It Himself’

Community Presence

Alchemilla Hospital

Silent Hill Heaven Forum

Silent Hill Wiki

Silent Hill Community

Caroline Suicide



“Jooste’s imagination has depth of both scale and scope, with parallels between this imaginary world and the real world, characterised by an interesting contrast between the industrialised evil forces and the ‘natural’ forces of good…”

Thomas Jeffery; NELM News 49, Dec 2008

National English Literary Museum of South Africa

Ellen Hotchkiss original review“Fans of high fantasy such as Tolkien, Terry Brooks or David Eddings will be well pleased with Jooste’s first novels and foray into the popular genre…He is finding his rhythm and style, doing a great job of making the reader care for the hero and characters; these books will be in my rotation of heavily reread fantasy novels in my bookshelf.”

Ellen Hotchkiss; Feb 2009

Lecturer, Milledgeville, Georgia

“Picking up the first in this series, which fate would have me cross paths with, quickly became a ‘I can’t put it down’ to ‘I must add to my shelf of read again books. This is right up there with the great, epic, fantasy saga’s of our time. If you love a good adventure with interesting worlds and characters that you fall in love with, then you can’t go past Shaun Jooste’s Celenic Earth books. He manages to bring a fresh feel to the fantasy/adventure genre with believable worlds he has created. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the actions scenes, written in rich detail that makes you feel like you are in the midst of it all. Congratulations Shaun on your entry into the world of published works. I will be looking forward to your future publications”

CT Melrose; Amazon Review; Feb 2016

Reviews for Windfarer

Goodreads CT Melrose

“If you are looking for an epic, sweeping expanse fantasy book to read, then this is it. Congratulations to Shaun Jooste for entering the world of print in the fantasy genre with a tale that will be picked up again and again just so I can immerse myself into his richly described world that is Celenic Earth.” C Melrose

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“This is one of the longest books I have ever tried to read. The story was gripping with enough intrigue to keep me coming back for more. The story is captivating… but this is most certainly a challenging read…” Juanita Ellis

“This one has taken some time to get through. Having said that it is not for lack originality but more for the fact that I came into the story on book 2. I would say that this is definitely a series for sequential reading and so that i can enjoy it more I will be going to book 1 and then re reading the second book. Worth the read if you are following the series…” 
Norah Addinall
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Ratings for Celenic Earth Newsletter

kutlo nbews.png

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For readers who wish to give more than just a general feedback , please download and complete the below reader interview form and email to This will give me better insight into what the most enjoyable aspects of my novels are and thereby assist me in future work , ensuring further reader satisfaction.

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