Entertainment Reviews


I’ve been itching to start my own review column. Even though so many have shared their reviews of the entertainment media, some of the sentiments that I agree and disagree with, I have never really truly shared my experience with others. Except at home of course, where the film, book or game gets my full wrath or enjoyment expressed very verbally. Just ask my family… they can attest to that.

However, I am now going to be moving towards publicly sharing my views on these items, and will be doing so across films, books and games as I complete them. There will also be two types of reviews to enjoy, when applicable. The first will be an overall review, with limited spoilers which just shares my overall experience with the item. The second will be a full-on, guided review on many aspects of the item, comparisons with similar or past items, and heavy spoilers on the content of such items.

You can view the various categories below. Please note that they will become available as I do the reviews, and at this stage may be limited to a few items only.