Celenic Earth Publications


This year I embarked on a new endeavour. My publishing label Celenic Earth Publications has been around for a few months now, ever since I decided to publish my own novels myself. This lead to a local newspaper interviewing me about my writing and publishing, which further led to my emails and phone being kept busy with queries as to how I managed to publish my own work.

I am now taking my publishing label more seriously. It appears that there are a wealth of writers out there wishing they could have their words published. I can also bring my dream of creating anthologies to the next level.

And so, without further ado, here are the authors and volumes that are or will be published by Celenic Earth Publications:

Shaun M Jooste – Celenic Earth Chronicles (Aug 2015); Silent Hill: Betrayal (Nov 2016)

Agnes Masobeng – A Slow Painful Death (Feb 2017)

Celenic Earth Horror Anthology – CEA through the Dark (April 2017)

Celenic Earth Cape Town NaNo Anthology – CEA no boundaries (April 2017)