~Author of the epic fantasy series, Celenic Earth Chronicles, the horror novel, Silent Hill: Betrayal and collaborative author for the fantasy game novel, Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins. (https://celenicearth.wordpress)

~Screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of South Africa. I specialise in feature films, with a main focus on horror, science fiction and fantasy.

~Owner and Director of Celenic Earth Publications, which offers publishing and writing solutions for books, music, film, games and comics. (https://celenicearthpublications.wordpress.com)

~Gamewriter for Antreya Studios for their upcoming epic fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles

~Joint Owner with Andi hodgetts and gaming journalist for AIR Entertainment (https://airentertainment.biz)

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Shawn, I’m Michelle East. I also won a spot in the 2016 poets yearbook. Was my first poem I ever written. I have wrote few more since then but not sure where to go nor where to submit them. I write about all different topics. Mostly non fiction poems . I was wondering if you had any advice for me. I would greatly appreciate any help. Congratulations on your success. Sincerely, Michelle East


    1. Thank you Michelle and congrats on your success too. Unfortunately I have not done enough research into poetry submissions yet, focusing more on my novels and screenplays. But when I do look into it with my volume of poems I want to publish, I will let you know.

      Kind regards


  2. Shaun, I replied to your thread at the Silent Hill forum a while back when you were promoting your novel, Silent Hill Betrayal. I have a question that I’m dying to know the answer of. How did you acquire the time and interest of Konami enough to have them go ahead your novel? The reason I ask is because I have completed a Silent Hill screenplay and would love their support in getting it made. Care to help a writer out?

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    1. Hi there. I contacted them initially with an online form at https://www.gaming.konami.com/Games/Contact.aspx. Then they emailed me with a reference number / ticket number and told me that licensing sits with their Konami distribution agents in my country and informed me who that was. I then had discussions with these Konami agents, who confirmed with Konami HQ that they were alright with me writing my own story. Once I had it in writing, I proceeded.

      A quick note on screenplays, I was led to believe that Davis Films has the rights to Silent Hill movies. So not sure if contacting Konami or Davis Films would be best, but try both.


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