Here is your chance to show your skills at Silent Hill original art

Are you the next Masahiro Ito? Do you think you have what it takes to create Silent Hill art? Here’s your chance to show us.

Masahiro Ito is acclaimed for the horror art he created, specifically for the Silent Hill game series. All the artistic work you saw in many of the Silent Hill games was from his horrific, creative mind.

For years after, many Silent Hill fans have either been replicating that art, or creating their own original designs. That art would simply waste away in the online world of the internet, not receiving any of the recognition that they deserved.

Until now. With the upcoming release of my second Silent Hill novel, Obversion, I am giving horror artists the chance to stand out amongst the crowd. Here is your opportunity to really put your artistic skills to work in the Silent Hill arena.

And it will be the Bestiary that contenders will be focused on. Every week, I will be emailing details of one of the creatures from the upcoming novel. You will then have until the Friday of that week to produce designs for that creature, where it will be decided during the weekend which are the best designs. It will be marked on certain criteria, which will be listed in the emails.

How you want to do those designs are up to you. Pencil, colours, pastel, painting, Photoshop… you can use any tools at your disposal. The rules will be explained by email once you have entered into the competition. You may choose to exit the competition at any time, should you not wish to continue.

So, if you have always wanted to create designs for original Silent Hill creatures, here is your chance. Keep in mind, that if my Silent Hill novels are ever adapted into games or movies, the designs that win the competition will be used as the inspiration behind creature designs, for which you will receive the credit.

I also want to emphasise that there is no pay in this competition. You will not be financially compensated for your designs. This competition gives you the opportunity to show-off your skills, and have your work shown to the world. The winning designs will then be showcased in a Bestiary Companion book for the Silent Hill: Obversion novel, where you will receive credit for your designs.

If this is something you would like to take part in, feel free to click on the image below and visit the competition entry page. The first creature details will be emailed on Monday 19 August 2019.

Silent Hill: Obversion Bestiary Art Competition

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