Time to Prioritise

And so the holidays are moving in swiftly. Gone is another year and almost time to reflect on what has passed this year. Looking back at the year is not the purpose of this post though. 

Today I want to want to talk about some very important decisions I have had to make. I won’t be mentioning them in detail though, but I have had the displeasure of dropping some projects. I have been overly keen on taking on projects that seemed like great opportunities at the time, but now I realise I bit off more than I can chew. 

The biggest reason for the prioritising of projects stems from now running a publishing and game development company full time, and most of my projects getting in the way of my own novels and books. So now as I look back on 2018 and look forward to 2019, I am having to cut back to make time for my own work.

So what does this mean? In summary, film screenwriting will be taking the biggest knock. Most of my passion lies in game reviews for AIR Entertainment, publishing writers’ novels and anthologies for Celenic Earth Publications, Gamewriting for Antreya Studios and Neon Sword, and of course my own novels. All of these are safe. Some projects are being dropped within them though, things I had planned that I am no longer going to be taking on, and also any screenplays I had planned. Maybe 2019 will see more time for screenwriting, but not now.

My next post will be looking at the year I’ve had, everything I have accomplished, my slight failings, and what is next for 2019. 

The Warmest Regards – The Count of Celenic Earth

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