Updates for November: NaNoWriMo, Silent Hill: Obversion, Malum, and Game Lore


Good Day My Dear Followers

The year is closely to an end again. My, how this year has blown by. I can’t believe that it was only six months ago that I left my 15 year permanent job at local government to write full-time and run my own publishing company.

These six months have kept me rather busy dealing with game writing for Antreya Chronicles and game fiction for Neon Sword, publishing books and anthologies for my publishing company Celenic Earth Publications, writing game reviews for AIR Entertainment, and studying the development of games for my game company, Celenic Game Studios. I have also been writing film scripts, specifically adapting Lynette Greenfield’s ‘The Day it Rained Forever’ from novel to film, but screenwriting has taken a back seat while I filed my company’s tax returns and dealt with the day to day running of the company.

So where does this leave my own novels? Well, they have been untouched for 2 months now, much to my own bitter disappointment. But, that’s why I am grateful for something called the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. NaNo gives writers all around the world a chance to dedicate one time of the year where they can focus on writing that one novel that we couldn’t make time for. The goal is to write 50,000 words in one month. This equates to about 1,667 words a day, a tally that can quickly build up if you don’t write daily.

However! And this is the important part. I have been wanting to kill two of my upcoming novels at the same time for a long while now. Silent Hill: Obversion is a year overdue already, and I have been teasing the dark fantasy novel Malum: Rise of the Deadly Sins for the last few months. They are both equally at the same stage of development now.

So this November I will be working on two novels simultaneously. The next few days will be spent planning the chapters of Act 1 for both novels, which I suspect will help me reach my goal of 50k easily.

Here are the synopsis I wrote for each on the NaNo site:


Cassandra Sanders wakes up tied down to a gurney in the psychiatric ward of a dark and broken hospital. After barely escaping from demented doctors and other horrific horrors, she breaks out of the hospital and finds herself in the tormented and haunted town of Silent Hill.

While searching the streets and buildings for clues as to what is happening to the town, she discovers links to her past that have troubled her for most of her life. Signs of her family start appearing, and something sinister in the crippled creatures that hunt her calls out to her. Was Cassey somehow responsible for some of the things that had happened in Silent Hill? Was she indirectly responsible for the massacre that happened so long ago?

And in her reflections, captured in the fog of Silent Hill, she sees the face of someone she once loved, someone so close to her, who had been taken from her by her own father. And she can hear the cold axe ringing through the streets, on the chill of the air, coming for her life, the one who got away that fateful night….


Inspired by Blizzard’s dark fantasy game series, Diablo, comes a dark fantasy novel filled with magic and darkness. In a small town of K’vornash, the villagers are starting to act strangely. Once polite people with only slight hints of ambition, the villagers begin exhibiting behaviour completely against their nature. Once chaste men give into their lustful desires, honest women begin stealing in the dead of the night, and dead clergy are found strewn around the holy cathedral.

Rumours spread in the surrounding towns of these happenings and several warriors, mages and mystical sorakfighters arrive at the town to discover the cause of this dark turn. At first, nothing gives sign as to what has occurred until whispers reach them of horrific creatures rising in the depths of Kor’nosh Mine.

The heroes delve into the darkness, battling every foe they come across. Yet, the more they fight, the stronger the demons become. The mines hold a deeper secret than the minions that fill the vast passages in the mountain, one that threatens the lives of every human on the planet. And it becomes clear that some among them are aligned with the darkness. 

This does not mean everything else can take a back seat though. While AIR Entertainment reviews will be left in the capable hands of co-owner Andi Hodgetts and the writing team, I will also be finishing the game fiction for Neon Sword and game lore for Antreya Studios, as that cannot wait a whole month before I continue. But in my flurry of writing for November, it will be an easy task to do those in the morning before I tackle my novels.

Publishing anthologies for CEP will continue, as the writers have the whole of November to write short stories for the next anthologies. Which leaves me free to work on my novels. There is some exciting news coming up for our World Record anthology published last year, but more of that on the CEP website.

Those who are subscribed to my Silent Hill and Malum newsletters can expect to be bombarded with updates on these novels in the next month. So if you aren’t subscribed, make sure you click the banners below to do so.

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Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth

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