Life From the Outside: Project Updates


Dear Readers and Followers

When I made the bold decision to leave my local government, secure, day-time job at the end of April 2018 in order to write and work on my company, Celenic Earth Publications, full-time, it was so that I could have enough time to do what I am passionate about for a living.

I was getting frustrated with sitting for 8 hours everyday for a job that was no longer fulfilling my intellectual and emotional needs. I was not getting to any of my company’s work or my own writing for that matter.

Now that I am working on this full-time, things are so much better. In the same sense, these last three weeks have been at a stand-still. I have finally obtained the funding to obtain all the technology I need to push my company to the next level. It took me about two weeks of obtaining the technology and software that I needed, and then this week I was ill with sinus and chest infection. I was laying in bed the whole week, while being on the nebuliser so my chest could get some air.

Not fun…

I am almost back at good health, although my the left muscles of my ribs feel sore from all the coughing. Life stands still for no one, though. Here is a quick update on each of my projects, and what my main focus will be for the next few weeks.



One of my chief focus points is getting back into screenwriting. My number 1 project for screenwriting is the film adaptation of Lynette Greenfield’s “The Day it Rained Forever”. Now that everything is setup in my home office and settled down, I can finally dig into this script. I have already planned out the Acts and outline, and now it is just a case of setting out the scenes and start writing.

In the background I have a few of my own films waiting to be written, which will receive more focus when Greenfield’s novel has been adapted.

Remember to keep an eye on my screenwriting profile for updates on script projects.



I have two game projects underway at the moment. Antreya Chronicles Online is an epic fantasy MMORPG is a game currently under development by Antreya Studios, for whom I have been writing a little over a year now. I have been involved with lore creation, writing the main plot quests for the first part of the online game, and also being a writer for the first novel based on the game, which is now available for purchase. We are now busy with the in-game lore books you will find while playing the game. Feel free to join our community discord channel to see us discuss the development in person.

Secondly, I am a writer for Pea Head Games’ upcoming game, Neon Sword. For this game, I am more involved with fiction writing for the website and also have been given permission to write my own novels based on the game. Some of my writing may even be found in the game… but that will be for you to discover. Also, I have been signed up for Voice-Over acting, and have just been informed whose voice I will be in the game and will be receiving my lines soon.


Game Development

With my technological upgrade, it means that I can now finally get Celenic Game Studios into gear. I have installed and been working on several programs, such as Unreal Engine and Blender, in an effort to understand more about the world of game development. CGS has been registered partners with PlayStation, Xbox and Steam for almost a year now, so now I can finally download the development kits which will enable me to produce games for and publish games on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

Of course, don’t expect me to be releasing any massive titles anytime soon. I am still more focused on the writing aspect of games that actual development. However, I do have some small game projects in mind right now.


Journalist & Photographer

As joint-owner of Celenic Game Studios news outlet, AIR Entertainment, with my brother in writing, Andi Hodgetts, we will be taking the gaming news site to another level too. With many more platforms available to review on now, we will be pushing through more reviews and news on upcoming games. We will be looking forward to writing about upcoming games as indicated by our PR news outlets that inundate us daily with details of their games.

I have also moved back into the field of photography. Even though most of my photography has been shared on Steemit lately, I have now created Facebook and Instagram pages to share with those of you who love photography. So expect more from me in that regard, specifically as it relates to my bonsais.



I have left novels for last, even though this is primarily what this blog is about. As with all my projects, my novels have suffered a severe setback with establishing the technology for my company and my illness. Also, with everything I have become involved in, there has been less time and focus spent on my novels.

With things settling down again, I will be committing to writing my novels again, the be-all and end-all of who I am. I won’t give any feedback on my current novels here, but will write separate posts for them. Also, those who have subscribed to the following newsletters can expect an update in the next few days:

Silent Hill: Obversion

Silent Hill Obversion Banner.jpg

Malum: Rise of the Deadly Sins

Malum Newsletter banner.jpg

Final Thoughts

Let it never be said that I do not live a full life. I am just blessed that I was bold and blessed enough to finally be able to move onto a path where I can do what I love every day. My wife, children and Lord above know how much this means to me, and that I am very excited to be able to move forward onto greater things.

Stay tuned for more updates soon.


With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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