Film Adaptation of Lynette Greenfield’s ‘The Day it Rained Forever’ Novel Goes Full Throttle

It’s almost been a year since I signed on to adapt Australian author Lynette Greenfield’s novel into film. It’s been a long ride for me, with a Guinness World Record, starting my own book publishing company, and becoming involved with game development for Antreya Studios and writing game fiction for Peahead Games. And all this while holding a day job in local government.

Thankfully, that last part is over. I quit my day job to focus on my writing and running my company fulltime. This means that I can now devote more time to completing the screenplay for The Day it Rained Forever.

I will be sharing more news on this as I complete the Acts for the movie, but keep a lookout for a Newsletter to subscribe to with more news on this movie.

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Kind regards

Shaun M Jooste

Joint-Owner: AIR Entertainment
Director: Celenic Earth Publications
Author, Screenwriter, Gamewriter, Journalist

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