My Writer Website Platforms and Their Functions


Dear Readers and Followers

For many of you who are following me closely, you may have noticed a sudden growth in my website platforms that I am sharing on. Many of you may have missed this, and are therefore missing out on much of my writing and updates.

Either way, you may be wondering I am spreading myself all over the place and not keeping it all in one platform. The main reason is exposure and reach of my posts, and also the reason that I am on each platform. They each serve their own purpose, and it is seldom that I will duplicate what I post, except between social media post sharing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

So here are my list of website platforms that I am on in case you missed it:

Author Shaun M Jooste Blog

First on my list is obviously this blog that you are reading now. At one stage everything was happening here. Writing tips, guides, news on projects, my book publishing company, etc. It was a madhouse of craziness, and nothing was properly organised.

Currently, this blog is used only for novel and other writing projects. This is the essence of who I am. If I had to drop everything and keep one thing, it would be this blog. I keep my updates to the bare essentials, letting you know where I am with projects. This is my writer’s portfolio basically.

Celenic Earth Publications

This is my publishing platform and the main site for my private publishing company. It is currently undergoing a major makeover to incorporate all the divisions now under its name. Anything to do with publishing of my and other author novels and anthologies goes to this page.

 AIR Entertainment

This is the gaming news outlet of Celenic Game Studios where Andi Hodgetts and I bring you the latest news from the gaming industry with our awesome team of writers. AIR stands for Announcements, Interviews and Reviews.

Stage 32

This is my screenwriting profile. It’s like Facebook for screenwriters. I mostly share my loglines and pitches here, but sometimes news on my novels in case someone wants to take them up for a film adaptation.


All my project Sneak Peeks will be released on Patreon now instead of my blog. I might share one overall blog post to cover the latest Sneak Peeks for a novel, but the teasers and posters will mostly be released on Patreon, along with detailed secrets for my subscribers.


This site is for all my ramblings and writers tips to other writers out there. I opened this up to create a wider audience firstly, but also to keep my blog clear of talks that had nothing to do with my novels. Such as my latest series on bonsais starting soon. It’s almost like a diary, where I share my thoughts with the world.

Social Media Platforms

I also have several social media platforms where I share posts from any of the above websites. Here are the links to those platforms if you would like to follow me on any of them:

Shaun M Jooste

Amazon Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Goodreads Pinterest IMDB YouTube YouTube Twitch.TV

Celenic Earth Publications

facebook.png  twitter.png  google.png  linkedin.jpg  tumblr.png  path

AIR Entertainment

facebook.png  twitter.png  google.png   YouTube  Twitch.TV sdO8tAw.png


And that is it for my massive expose on my website platforms. I hope you found it informative. As mentioned, this blog will still be my central point for sharing my projects. Be sure to follow me on the other platforms though, if you are looking for something specific.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth

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