Here’s my official portfolio of current and planned novels


Not so long ago, I had written an update post on all my writing or novel projects I planned to work on in my lifetime.  Even though I was happy with that post at the time, I was dissatisfied that I didn’t have a place to put it on my site where it could be constantly updated.

And then I remembered I can create project portfolio pages on WordPress whereby I can keep track of all my projects. I have created a Project portfolio for all my projects, and will be creating separate portfolio page for each book as I get started on them. You will see that I already have Dream Whispers  and Silent Hill : Betrayal portfolio pages, and Silent Hill: Obversion will follow shortly.

So have a look through my complete novel portfolio. These are really all the books I plan to write. Whether or not I can get them all done in one lifetime is another story, but intention is everything in this world.


With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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