Update on projects: Guinness World Record, Silent Hill, Antreya and Dream Whispers


So yesterday an interview was done by Andi Hodgetts on Pulse Entertainment, where I gave exclusive, in-depth details of my writing and personal life. I made mention of so many projects I still have planned, and felt the time was write to give my followers another update.

Unlike all the other times though, where I waffle on and on about projects somewhere in the mental pipeline, I’m going to just focus on the four projects that are on the heated plate right now. I’ve just done a post on adapting Lynette Greenfield’s novel into a film, so I won’t repeat that here.


clock one wo bkrnd.png


The Epic Fantasy MMORPG Game is developing very well. Lead Creative Writer, Dean Clark, and I completed the writing for tutorial a while back, and the graphic and development teams are well underway with creating the first island where players will start and learn the mechanics and main story for the game.

Wanting to be proactive, Dean and I have started the first chapters of the official Antreya gamebook that will be published by Celenic Earth Publications. The gamebook is both a guide to the rest of the game quests and story for the development team, as well as a book adaptation of the game. I can’t give much more details on this right now, but expect some exclusive reveals closer to time of publishing.

I also did a few interviews with the lead team members of Antreya on Pulse Entertainment. In case you missed it, here are the links:


CEA Greatest Anthology Written backdrop.jpg



If you haven’t heard about this yet… well, then I clearly need more skills marketing this. We’ve announced it on the publishing site, in the Pulse interview, on Facebook and Twitter (including the official @GWR tag), and there was even a newspaper article on it on Tuesday. It’s kind of a big deal write now.

So the record is for the Most Authors Contributing Short Stories to an Anthology. The current record is 50, and we are already beating it with our current 86 (whoops, 87 now) members. We have a closed Facebook group called “CEA Greatest Anthology Written”, where anyone that wishes to join us in the record breaking attempt can request membership. Words: 3000 – 8000. Any genre, any theme.

From me as a writer, I have started on a fantasy short story, moving away from my usual attachment for horror to return to the genre I love best. I should be able to kill this story in two weeks’ time, if I can just sit down and write it. Most of the focus now is on gathering writers and communicating with Guinness on the requirements.


DW poster


As mentioned in a previous post, I am working on my romantic fantasy novel Dream Whispers during this month’s Camp NaNo. It is coming along slowly, but I am hoping to do some decent damage to it this weekend. Desiree’s dream magic powers are really coming to the fore now, with the sole elf mage trying his best to assist her while her relationship with the Prince develops further. Things are starting to slip out of control though, as rumours of ghosts or demons haunting the local dwarf mines have arisen, and her dreams warn her not to go there.


SH Obversion.png


And now, for the most anticipated news ever. Well, for me. This is the most I have been asked about in terms of my writing projects: when the sequel will be out. I would have liked to have began this sooner, but as you can see I have quite a bit on my plate right about now.

That’s not going to stop me starting on this this. I have opened a page in OneNote and the planning has started, with characters, locations and main plot currently underway. I know where I want the story to start, who the three main characters are, and what the main plot will be. As a matter of fact, I kind of have those cast in stone for all 7 Silent Hill novels anyway.

I don’t want to share too much on this at this point, as I will be creating a separate post on SH: Obversion once the basic planning is out of the way. I may even tease at Act 1’s locations if I am in the mood.


So that’s it for now. If you would like an update on any of my other projects, please let me know. I will be setting up a page of all future novels to be developed and written. For now, these are my key focus.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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