Australian Author Lynette Greenfield signs me up to adapt novel into film

The Day it Rained Foreverjpg

When I did an article on The Pulse Entertainment about a month ago on Goodreads presenting upcoming books that were featured at the American Book Expo, I included a video I had found of Australian author Lynette Greenfield doing a signing at the event. I decided to reach out to her for an interview to tell us more about her novels and the experience at the Book Expo. I was pleasantly surprised when she agreed to it.

Since then, Lynette and I have been discussing many things about our writing experiences, and learning just how much we have in common. I was intrigued by her latest novel, The Day It Rained Forever, and informed her that I am also a screenwriter and would love an opportunity to adapt the novel to film, since it has touched me so deeply.

After discussion with her legal team, the terms of the agreement were negotiated. As indicated at the end of the recent interview Pulse did with me, I am officially signed on to adapt Lynette’s novel into film. I will be reading the novel in more detail, making sure the story really sinks in, while making notes on Final Draft of how I believe the movie should play out. Lynette and I will be working closely on this one, and I will let you all know how the script evolves in time to come.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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