My fantasy and sci-fi short stories published in Celenic Earth Anthologies


Good day fellow readers and followers

The two short stories I have been working on in collaboration with other writers for Celenic Earth Publications has finally been published! The Anthologies are called CEA Into the Beyond and CEA Past your Reality, which deals with science fiction and fantasy short stories respectively.

If you would like to read these anthologies, you can click on the book below to see where they are available:

Cea into beyond EBOOK COVER                             Cea Past your Reality EBOOK COVER2

Here is a short description of each of my stories:

Convalentz2.jpg A resource team is sent to a nearby moon from their base space station to scavenge for a rare ore that boosts ship thrusters and hyperdrives more than the usual fuels do. When they land, the scout the desert landscape and find an abandoned building. Scanners indicate that the rich ore is beneath it, but what they find is something terrifying.

This is the prelude to my upcoming sci-fi horror novel, Hell on Titan, which is inspired by the Doom game franchise.

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this anthology. I found my imagination tickled and was very easily transported into the scenes of the stories as the story telling was immaculate. I am so glad that the Publisher kept all the authors’ voices in all these anthologies as you get to see the confidence shine through with every next piece that they write and love seeing how people grow exponentially.”

Pragashnie Naidoo, Pulse Entertainment, U.K.


Dreams.jpg Desire is a young innocent girl, a servant in the royal kitchens with her mother, and a gardener with her father. Her dreams have always been special to her, sometimes giving her glimpses of things to come or allowing her to spend precious, forbidden moments with the prince. But when her dreams starts affecting those that she loves, the king’s sole elf mage becomes involved and realises just how dangerous she could be.

This is a five-page excerpt of my upcoming romantic fantasy novel, Dream Whispers, which will be released soon. 

“All the stories were alive and vibrant with memorable tales leaving me feeling satisfied and in awe. I love fantasy stories as it is one of my favorite genres. These stories hit the right spots for me. It was fanciful, captivating, goofy, creepy and enchanting. To the authors of this anthology, hope to see more stories from you in the future. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!”

Pragashnie Naidoo, Pulse Entertainment, U.K.

I hope you manage to get copies of these books and enjoy every story in them!

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth



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