Welcome to A.I.R. ENTERTAINMENT, my portfolio of game announcements, interviews and reviews


Good day readers and followers

As mentioned in my recent post about my promotion in Pulse Entertainment U.K. to Head: Gaming Division, I am starting a new website devoted to my portfolio of gaming announcements, interviews and reviews, lovingly named A.I.R. Entertainment. The purpose of the site is to collate my collection of articles from both Pulse Entertainment U.K. and GameTyrant into one available portfolio. This will enable me to showcase my writing and also provide greater distribution of articles for both sites, since the posts on my site will simply have excerpts with links to the main articles on the original sites.

I was going to create a page on this blog site, but realised that it was going to be chaotic and wanted it separate from my author site, like I did with my publishing site Celenic Earth Publications.

So welcome to A.I.R. Entertainment. The website is still under construction with all the social media links, but you can view the collection of articles on Google + so long. I will provide an update once the website is complete. I am 65% complete with it.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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