PULSE ENTERTAINMENT UK Promotes me to Co-Editor and Head: Gaming Division


Good day beloved readers and followers

I am happy to announce that I have moved a step up in PULSE ENTERTAINMENT U.K. This may come as a surprise to many of you, since only those closest to me even knew that I was writing articles for both Pulse Entertainment {PE} and GAMETYRANT {GT} . It seems my hard work has paid off for once.

So here’s how it all started, a brief journey into my new life as a journalist. I am hoping that by sharing this, my fellow writers out there can be inspired to network more and never give up.

My first exposure to PE was in January 2017 when Andi Hodgetts approached me for a review of Silent Hill: Betrayal. After that he and I had many discussions on writing before we moved over to so many topics that we had in common. It was like I was speaking to another version of myself in a different part of the world. He became one of the first writers for my CEA Through the Dark Horror Anthology #1, featuring part 1 of his Stonehurst horror series that I am happy to say I would love to see turn into a full length novel. You can view his professional Facebook page , his professional website and the Stonehurst facebook page for more details.

Not long thereafter, during March, I was approached by Dean Clark for a GT review of Silent Hill: Betrayal after he saw me discuss it on a Silent Hill fan facebook page. Dean and I also hit it off well, and one of the things we had in common was our drive to become writers in as many fields as possible. Simply being an author was not good enough. When I discussed with him that I was starting a series of Anthologies per genre, he quickly signed up to become a writer in the series of Anthologies and came up with the idea of starting the titles with CEA, which is an acronym for Celenic Earth Anthologies while being a play on the word ‘see’. He also suggested names for each anthology title, which were too good to turn down. You can view his professional website and facebook page for more information on his writing and projects.

When Antreya Studios was looking for an assistant creative writer to assist Dean as lead creative writer for the upcoming Antreya Chronicles game, he turned to me and offered me an opportunity to write for the fantasy MMORPG – there was no way I could turn that down! I went through a brief audition stage and was accepted by both Dean and the founder and lead developer, Raymond van Beek, as the new assistant creative writer.

During April, many things happened at once. CEA Through the Dark Volume 1 (Horror) and CEA Writers without Boundaries Volume 1 (General Fiction NaNo Group) were published by my publishing label, Celenic Earth Publications. The next set of Anthologies were set up, CEA Past your Reality Volume 1 (Fantasy) and CEA Into the Beyond Volume 1 (Sci fi), which will be published in the next two weeks.

Most importantly, in mid April, Andi approached me about writing for Pulse Entertainment. Sarah Beth James, author and owner of PE, was looking for writers for the new gaming division. They had other entertainment sectors covered, such as Books, Films, etc, but gaming was one sector that was lacking. They had a team of about 20 members, with one of them being the tech specialist for the website, some main writers and a few guest contributors. Andi had apparently convinced her so well that I was the man for the job, that it was enough for Sarah to invite me to become a writer without an interview or audition. My articles would be monitored to ensure that my writing was adequate, but I was already pre-screened and accepted thanks to Andi. I immediately noticed Sarah’s writing talent on PE and her published work and offered her a position as a writer in my anthologies. My first article for PE was on 25 April 2017, and I have had a great time writing articles for the new gaming division. You can see my portfolio of PE articles here.

About a week after I joined PE, Dean approached me with an offer to write for GameTyrant. If I had mentioned to him my interest in writing articles before, he would have offered it to me sooner. In all fairness, I had no idea that I would have enjoyed being a journalist as much as I do before I was approached by Andi. It opened up a whole new world of writing for me. Dean arranged a meeting and a few days later the owner of GT interviewed me over video conference and was well pleased with my personality, attitude and passion for writing. He signed me up, took me through their processes and I was ready to go. I met the rest of the team, consisting of about 60 members according to the Slack communicator, with 25 actively communicating on the app. My first article for GT went up on 29 April 2017, and here you can see my portfolio of GT articles.


Both teams are simply amazing. The support I receive and the advice have gone a long way into making the journalist I am after just 1 month and a few days. PE and GT work on two completely different editing platforms, and until I joined them I had only been exposed to WordPress for my own sites. I was gifted by God with the essence of the autodidact, which means that I can learn or teach myself something very quickly and hardly need guidance. It took me moments to learn both systems, do some research online to improve what I was doing (specifically markdowns and coding for PE) before I was ready to roll.

The best feature I could have learnt during this experience was the importance of how to find the latest news from GT. It made me wonder what I was doing before, and once again opened up a whole new world for me. There is very rarely a time that any of the news in my articles are older than a day, if not a few hours.

The one thing I pride myself on, which no one can take away from me, is the fact that I strive to create a difference in people’s lives. No matter what I do, especially in the world of writing, it isn’t just about me. If you sign me up to write for you, I will make sure I make such a difference that you wonder how you coped before you had me. It’s a special talent I have, one that is maybe sometimes scoffed or laughed at where I live and work, but it’s the one part of my nature I never want to change. Especially when my efforts are truly appreciated.

The first chance I had to make such a difference was for Antreya Studios. While working with them, I noticed the platform that they used for their website was one that I was well acquainted with. The web developer, who focuses on the themes and coding, had a huge workload in keeping the site active. I explained my experience, not with coding but rather with page designs, themes, tags, etc, and offered to assist with putting content on the site, while he just focused on the coding of the site and social media. Not an hour later, I was made Web Content Administrator for Antreya Studios.

The next chance I had was for PE, the first of which was obviously filling the gaming division section with articles. It wasn’t long after I started, with almost up to three articles a day sometimes, that Sarah informed me that my writing hardly ever needed editing, and therefore allowed me to publish my own posts. I realised just how heavy her workload was managing the site, twitter and facebook accounts, that I offered to assist. I became administrator for the accounts and now assist in managing them when needed. I then strove to do more than just game news announcements, bringing with it interviews with indie game developers, reviews of new games, and retrospective articles for old games in days gone by. Andi and I worked hard in the new gaming division, making sure it was up to par with the rest of the sections in PE.

For GT, I wanted to do more than just the expected 1 article a month that was required of me. Once I learnt of the fantastic way to keep up to date with the latest news, I started writing up to three articles every day where possible. I’ve done some reviews and interviews and also opened up the doorway for a focus on PSPlus and Xbox Gold Free Games reviews. This is what I live for, making a difference where possible and if I can.


Another speciality of mine is making things look easier than it sometimes looks. Don’t get me wrong, putting the actual articles up after some research is easy, because it is so enjoyable. It’s when my life as employee, father, husband, family, author, publisher, editor, marketing, distribution, etc all come together at once that sometimes stresses me out. More than that, when life’s little joys like illness and such get me down. When it comes to family and our health, it takes top priority.

Thankfully, both teams have been very understanding in this regard. And all it’s taken is some improved time management on my part. I’m getting into a steady routine now, which makes writing the articles so much more enjoyable.


Hard work sometimes does get appreciated, in the way it should. With all the opportunities I have created and the effect I have had in PE, a decision was made by Sarah to promote me within the team. I am now Co-Editor of PE along with Pragashnie Naidoo. I am also the Head: Gaming Division, with me and Andi running the articles for game announcements, interviews, reviews and retrospectives. And I promise you, there is much more to come.


One would think maybe I should stop while I’m ahead, but there are so many opportunities I can create for myself now. I have just been afforded an interview with a new game developer for PE that will open so many doors, not only for Pulse, but for them and myself too. I cannot share more on this right now, but once it is all very official I will let you know.

One of my fellow writers in our local NaNoWriMo group has also joined Pulse recently thanks to an invite from me, and he has just published his very own article in the new manga / comic division. Sarah is also now opening the doors for new writers in PE as we start to grow in strength and numbers. You can contact her on Pulse Facebook if you wish to discuss becoming a writer for us on PE.

From my side, I have started creating new websites. Currently, I have this blog and my publishing site. I am starting a new website called A.I.R. Entertainment, which will just be a collation of my announcements, interviews and reviews from PE and GT. They will have excerpts of my articles with links to the actual posts on both sites. I am a very structured person, and I would like to keep all my water in one bottle. I was going to create a page on my blog for these links, but it became messy. So a new site will do. If you’re already following me on PE or GT, there will be no need to follow A.I.R as well. It will basically be a single site for my portfolio of articles that will be updated once a week.

Finally, I am creating a site called Writer Informed. My inbox and feeds get inundated from all my subscriptions and stuff for writing events, competitions, tips, opportunities, etc. I do nothing with them but mark them as read. I’ve decided to do more with them and present them online for other writers to read about. This will include any type of writing, such as novels, poems, screenplays, etc. It will be a single source of information for everything happening in the writing industry, copied and pasted and linked for your ease of reference.


So there you have it. This quickly became more than just about the promotion, but I wanted to share this journey with you so that it may encourage you to always follow you passion in life. Remember, we only have one life…. I suggest you make the most of it.

The Count of Celenic Earth



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