Announcing my new book series of biblical propotions


Dear Followers and Readers

This must seem like a strange turn of events for many of you. You must be so used to my horror and fantasy novels, that announcing anything biblical must be turning you over in your future graves. However, be that as it may, I am officially announcing a new book series that I plan to write, and it will indeed be a fictionalised version of the Bible based on my own understanding of it. I have been through so many Biblical studies, from my Catechism studies in my youth (not just the Bible, but the writings of The Council of Trent, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, and the Apologetics, to name but a few), to prolonged research and study sessions with Baptist pastors, to in-depth discussions with Methodist leaders, and also not to mention (although I will) my own personal study into concepts and translations of the Word of God.

You may note that I have not used the word religious or called it a religious series. I am not a big fan of religion, although my Catholic upbringing did a lot to teach me about God, and also neglected to teach me a few things about the history of religion and the acts of those who chose to impose theirs on others. So nothing in my life may seem religious, but that does not mean I am not a devout follower of our Lord in my own way.

This is also not a series I am putting out to pay God back for anything, or to receive any just rewards in the afterlife. As far as I am concerned, we are on good footing and understand each other.

Now, we have had many biblical, or maybe I should call those religious, type books. From books explaining what it really means and vast interpretations of what they believe really happened. What I feel is missing is a fictionalised version of the Bible. Well, fiction novels based on them anyway. We’ve had some movies in this vein, namely the latest Noah and Exodus.

I wanna really try my hand at these, but I won’t be starting with Genesis. There’s a book that’s been kept silent for some time now, which doesn’t actually exist in many versions of the Bible. It was written by a man who was taken straight into heaven without suffering any death, due to his loyalty to God. In fact, Jesus actually talks about him in the new testament and references his writing. His name was Enoch, and he also wrote a book.

Seems strange that a man’s writing that Jesus references would be excluded, right? I guess they could never prove if the writings were really his. Well, let me not get into the decisions that went into play when deciding which books to put in the Bible. That is a discussion best spent over a fire with some drinks in hand. I will go on to say that his book will be the first to be fictionalised, since the events that take place reflect on everything that happened before the fall of humankind.

Should I be humorous and start each book with “Based on a true story”?

The first book in the fictionalised Bible will be called “In the Beginning…”, and don’t worry: I got permission from our Lord to adapt His work. 😛

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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