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Dear followers and readers

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t’s time again to provide some feedback on my writing projects. I feel I’ve been rather too quiet on these, and so have taken upon myself to enlighten you. This is also a good time to explain the new time management principles I have adopted in order to somehow keep up with everything at hand.

You see, since I became involved in publishing and writing game articles for Pulse Entertainment UK and Gametyrant, I’ve had to have a closer look at how I manage my writing time. Since I have a full time job where I cannot spend even a second thinking about writing, and I have a wife, two kids and pets to spend time with in the evening and weekends, you can imagine just how important time management becomes.

When it was just writing novels, it was easy (despite everyone still asking me where I find the time, even back then). When the kids went to sleep early at night and before we get our night time cuddle in, I would work on a few thousand words just to make sure I meet my quota for my self-set deadline. The same went for early weekend mornings before everyone got up.

When publishing the Celenic Earth Anthologies and helping writers get published, I would split time between publisher duties and my own writing, setting my novels back slightly. You may have noticed that Dream Whispers has not met my February 2017 deadline, and that is mostly due to my anthologies that took priority.

And then game writing and game news articles happened. I’ve become addicted to finding the latest news on games and doing reviews for the game articles, that it’s taken over so much of my time. (And I say this in a good way, I thoroughly enjoy it). Writing for Antreya Studios has been so great, and now it seems I may be writing for an upcoming horror game too.

So now I really deserve the question: “where do you find the time, Shaun?” I’ve had to shift some responsibilities around now, mostly for my own sanity. I’ve discovered that the gaming news mostly strikes in the week. So week mornings, that hour before work, I slot in some game articles. During the week evenings I have devoted it to reviews and interviews for the gaming sites. So basically during the week, I am the journalist.

Weekends are split between publisher and author. Saturday mornings and any other time I might find in the day I have dedicated to working on my novels and short stories. Also I will be working on Wednesday mornings and evening on books to be published, as well as Saturday evenings. This is of course, if I have nothing on for the weekend.

And Sunday is a dedicated rest day. I am not going to do any writing on that day, giving it completely to myself, my family and my Lord. So if you are expecting any updates or progress on that day, think again. It will be filled with music, games, reading and family time.

Here are my project updates:



Dean Clark and I have completed the writing up of tutorial island, and the game developers and designs of Antreya Studios are well on their way to developing the starting area of the epic fantasy MMORPG game. As they work on this development, Dean and I are working on the story for the rest of the game, while establishing the paperback novels that will be linked to it. Working as a game writer has never been more fun.



My next romantic fantasy novel suffered the most recently. With one of my main focus points being on publishing my first anthologies, I had to take a back-step from novel writing. I am finding some ground now with my new time management and settling into a comfortable pattern with the anthologies, so expect this to be up and running soon again with some concept digital posters and sneak peeks within the next few weeks.



If I wanted to reach my December goal for publishing, I should have started this already. Last year I started writing Betrayal in Feb and managed to complete in August and then editing and publishing by end October. So one of two things are going to happen: either I am going to do some furious writing to catch up, since last year I was quite relaxed, or I will be postponing this release. I will attempt to do the former with all my heart.



I will be giving more detail on my publishing website on this, but in since I write for these too, here is a brief summary…

CEA Through the Dark Volume 1 (Horror) and CEA Writers without Boundaries Volume 1 (General Fiction) have been published. Next up are CEA Past your Reality Volume 1 (Fantasy) and CEA Into the Beyond Volume 1 (Science Fiction), with the writers writing furiously at their short stories for these collections. We anticipate final editing to take place near the end of May, and these to be published the beginning of June.



When I announced all my projects that I wanted to attempt this year, I had not become so involved in so many projects so quickly. I’ve had to put some titles on the back burner, but that does not mean I have forgotten about them. Here are the next three novels to be written after Dream Whispers and Silent Hill: Obversion, in order of priority:

  1. Malum #1: Rise of the Deadly Sins (Dark fantasy)
  2. Resilience #1: New Dawn (Post-apocalyptic horror)
  3. Crystal Islands #1: The Crystal Warf (Crime fantasy)



Despite all the holds ups, my poetry collection is still underway. If you remember, I had mentioned that I have over 500 personal poems I am going to publish in one volume, expressed over different ages in my life. This is still progressing as I type up each poem every moment I get.



With me being so involved with the game industry lately, I’ve come in contact with a developer busy creating a horror / dark fantasy game that I have a keen interest in. I’ve had some preliminary discussions with the developer and there is a chance that I may become an exclusive writer for books tied into the series. I cannot give more information out at this point, but I will as soon as it is official.


And that’s if for now. I have some other publishing news, but that is reserved for my other site. I could have made each of these project updates their own post, but then I’d be flooding my site needlessly. I’d rather give you all one update post, so you all know where I am with my projects. I hope you enjoyed the feedback. Expect some more soon as the projects evolve.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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