Celenic Earth Publications establishes its own website for anthologies and published works


Good day readers and followers

My secret work that I have been planning for the last week, and spent all of today on, is finally done. Well, not completely, but the groundwork is complete. And the secret is this:


That’s right. Ever since I established my publishing label, there was no thought to creating a second site. After all, I had only created it to publish my own novels, now that I understood how the whole process works.

Since then, I have started with Celenic Earth Anthologies and assisted other in publishing their books. Which is great and all, but my own personal author blog, this very one you are reading from, was becoming filled with publishing announcements of other works. My own personal projects and novels are becoming lost among all the news.

So I decided to be kind to my followers. I am separating the author from the publisher. This site will remain my personal author blog, with the URL remaining the same. I have too many sites and links from external pages linked to this URL, and to change every one of them to a new one will be chaos.

Yet, this site will see some few changes in the week to come. For instance, the header will read Shaun M Jooste to identify this as my site, and no longer Celenic Earth. There will be similar tweaks, but basically all the blog posts about CEP Anthologies and other novels published will be transported to new site.

The new site is all set up though with Anthology, Library and Author information though. So if you would like to see what is currently available, please visit Celenic Earth Publications. The only things I still need to add there are the social links for CEP and the transported blog posts.

I hope this will help between being updated with my own personal projects, and announcements from CEP.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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