Pulse Entertainment signs me up to write game reviews


Good day readers and followers

It seems my writing has reached further into the green pastures. Following the launch of ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal‘, so many writing opportunities have opened up for me. Humour me as I do a quick recap:

  • Antreya Studios signs me up as Assistant Writer for upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles;
  • Celenic Earth Publications {CEP} is established as my publishing label;
  • CEP announces anthologies planned for 2017 so far: ‘CEA Through the Dark’ (Horror), ‘CEA No Boundaries’ (NaNo Western Cape Region), ‘CEA Into the Beyond’ (Sci Fi) and ‘CEA Past your Reality’ (Fantasy);
  • CEP publishes ‘CEA Through the Dark;
  • Discussions with Deep Blue Games underway for a possible upcoming horror game

If you’ve looked through this site extensively, you will notice that I have started an entertainment review section, and started it off with a review of Resident Evil 7. I was going to do some in-depth reviews of 7 Days to Die and No Man’s Sky, and it seems my talent in this regard will be appreciated elsewhere.

Pulse Entertainment has approached me to write game reviews for their site. You may recall that Pulse Entertainment was the first to review ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’, so I feel it is quite an honour to write for an entertainment site that thoroughly enjoyed my novel. I believe that someone in PE is also busy reviewing ‘CEA Through the Dark’, so I look forward to reading on that when it is released.

Our press release for ‘CEA Through the Dark’ has also been doing astoundingly well. It has been the top daily, weekly and monthly news ever since it was published 3 days ago. I do hope to get some feedback on the anthology, as many of the writers in that volume are published for the first time.

I will keep you updated on Pulse Entertainment reviews, and will include links from my review pages here on this site.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth



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