‘CEA Through the Dark’ Horror Anthology Volume 1 released!

cover sample 7b

Dear followers and readers

It has finally happened. Celenic Earth Publications has released its first horror anthology, ‘CEA Through the Dark Volume 1’. It has been a month and a half in the making, with 7 writers pulling through to the end with their stories.

It has been such a great pleasure working with such great talent. Most of the writers in this Volume are publishing their very first work, while others have had some published work released before. Having worked through all of the stories myself, I can tell you that there is some severe tension in the stories, with each of the authors building up the suspense in their own way.

As a brief introduction, here are the list of authors with their stories:

  1. Dean Clark – Rivertone
  2. Andi Hodgetts – Stonehurst
  3. Jamie Alvey – Initiation
  4. Shawn Chang – A Hellish, Devilish Halloween
  5. John E. Swan – Beachball
  6. Mystery Writer – Solitude
  7. Shaun M Jooste – Curse of the Forgotten Evil

The book is already available on Amazon, and will be made available for wider distribution soon. The paperback has already been approved by Amazon, and I am just waiting for it to go live. Here is the link for the US Amazon site, but it is available on Amazon worldwide: CEA Through the Dark .

Next up will be the Sci Fi Anthology ‘CEA Into the Beyond’ and the Fantasy ‘CEA Past your Reality’. In the meanwhile, Camp NaNo proceeds with my daily writing on ‘Dream Whispers’. Writing is my life right now….

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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