Projects Update: Antreya Chronicles, Anthologies, Novels, Public Appearances and so much more


Good day dear followers

I realise that it has been a while since I have provided a decent update with what has been happening with my writing projects. 2017 has started off with an incredible bang. Last year I was simply writing novels. This year, I have created anthologies and am now writing for an upcoming MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game). So much has been happening that keeping everyone updated had momentarily slipped my mind.


clock one wo bkrnd.png

This is a very exciting venture for me. When Lead Creative Writer, Dean Clark, contacted me about an opportunity to be an Assistance Creative Writer, I hopped on the chance immediately. Gaming has formed such a huge part of my life, as can be seen by my horror novel, ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ which was based on the popular survival horror game franchise Silent Hill. Games have been a great influence on my writing, as can also be seen by my various projects this year.

Antreya Chronicles Online will be a fantasy steampunk game set within its own universe. So far I have had the pleasure of writing tutorial quests for one of the dwarf-like races, the Minoseus race. I’m also starting to learn to put some interactive quizzes together for prospective players to gain a concept of what is coming, and to see where they would fit in. Recently, I’ve become involved with updating the actual Antreya website to keep it up to date with the latest lore, development updates and team information.

It is everything and more that I was hoping being involved with a gaming team would be!

So please keep an eye on for further updates. You can also check out the Facebook page and follow updates on Twitter.

CEA Through the Dark Horror Anthology #1


Several horror writers and I have been hard at work at writing our short stories for Celenic Earth Publications’s first ever anthology! There are one or two more going through their final edits, but we are steadily remaining resolved to publish the Anthology by end March / early April.

The Facebook page  and Twitter account have been set up, and today the final cover design was decided on

Cea darkness book cover plain

What is great is that we will be bringing you brand new authors, some of which will be presenting their debut stories to the world. I have personally worked through each of these and am sure all horror fans will thoroughly enjoy them.

CEA No Boundaries Anthology #1

In November 2015, I started my very first National Novel Writing Month project, which was called “Secrets of the Hidden Banshee”. By doing so, I joined a regional group of NaNo writers, many of which are based here in Cape Town. We have become such a close group, and I was teasing the idea of a short story anthology with them since last year Feb.

With my book publishing skills finally coming to fruition, I am now able to do just that. Almost all the stories are complete, and if we do not get to publish this anthology by the end of March, you can be certain it will be early April. Book design concepts must still be determined, as well as setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account. There is no specific genre or theme; everyone will be working on what they love the most.

So watch this space for more information on this soon!

CEA Into the Beyond Sci-Fi Anthology #1


This anthology is still very much in the early stages. We are still collecting writers for this one, and anticipate all stories being submitted by 15 May for publishing end May / early June. More information will be released at a future time, but look you can keep a watch on the Facebook page so long. Twitter account will follow soon.


CEA Past your Reality Fantasy Anthology #1


Of course, how could I create anthologies if my favourite genre was not included? As with the Sci Fi anthology, this is also very much in its nascent stages, with only 3 writers collected so far. The Facebook page is available and Twitter will follow shortly.


Dream Whispers Fantasy Novel


I have a slight confession to make. All of these new projects and excitement has taken me slightly off-track with my fantasy novel, Book 1 of the ‘Dreamweaver Saga’ series. It was meant to be completed end of Jan 2017, but has taken me through to March already. I have a few ends to tie up with all the above-mentioned projects, but will be going into extra time to make sure this novel is completed soon.

It has to be, if my plans of releasing “Silent Hill: Obversion” is to be realised for the end of the year!

Choice of Games Play Novel

I have not forgotten about this project. Whenever I have had a spare moment, I have been going over the scripting codes for how these text-based games are developed and in what format they will be accepted. Very soon I will be creating the main plot for the story, and thereafter the story-board with choices, relationships, skills and abilities. It will be like developing my very own game in book form…… and I cannot wait to get started.


Public Appearance: Athlone Library 18 March 2017

Coffee & Conversation.png

I have been asked to attend a public appearance of local writer at Athlone Library this Saturday. A group of us will be discussing our projects, our writing processes and publishing experiences. I am looking forward to meeting any of you that will be attending. Perhaps someone will even make a recording.



So that’s as much as I can share at this point. I have several novels on the backburner right now as I multi-task all the projects above… while parenting my two kids and running my day job. No one said it would be easy, but at least I can say I live a full life.

A quick word on the Anthology title CEA. It should be read as ‘See’, like “See Through the Dark” and “See Into the Beyond”. It’s a beautiful play on words, while being an acronym for Celenic Earth Anthologies. Credit must go to Dean Clark, whose creative mind came up with the brilliant idea.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth

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