GameTyrant gives ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ a score of 8/10!


Good morning dear readers

I really never thought any of my novels would reach a prestigious news site such as Pulse Entertainment, let alone a reputable international gaming review and news site like GameTyrant. It was a really enjoyable experience to read that yet another Silent Hill game fan has such a great time reading the novel, and that he feels it lives up to the franchise and game experience.

The review has very limited spoilers, so feel at ease to read it without it ruining the story for you.

It was a real gamble using many of the features I did, including the Halo of the Sun as a saving point / reincarnation symbol, but I really think it paid off especially when I incorporated the idea that the Halo’s power waned with use.

‘Silent Hill: Obversion’, planned for release at the end of 2017, will have very different elements in it, while maintaining some of the overarching plot planned for the series. As I have exhausted the use of mythology in Silent Hill: Betrayal, expect brand new creatures that I will be conjuring from the depths of my warped mind.

For now, please head on over to the GameTyrant review here.

Silent Hill: Betrayal is available in ebook from at any online ebook store, while the paperback is available on Amazon and Groep7 Drukkers.

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The Count of Celenic Earth

One thought on “GameTyrant gives ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ a score of 8/10!

  1. Congratulations on being awarded a review by GameTyrant! I look forward to reading more about their thoughts on Silent Hill: Betrayal.

    You also piqued my interest with Silent Hill: Obversion. Hearing about new monsters always gets me excited, since they reflect the psyche and twisted imagination of their creators. Good luck!

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