My Journey Begins…into an upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles


Ye will remember these lands…though once thought forsaken, it has thrived into the world it is today. And ye are the keystone of all that is to come…

For those vigorously following me on social media, you will perhaps recall that I mentioned that I have started working on a new writing project. I have been selected to be an assistant writer to lead writer, Dean Clark, for an upcoming fantasy Massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) called Antreya Chronicles. Many of you may know Dean from the fame of Gametyrant, where he has done plenty of reviews and interviews for games, such as the much anticipated horror rpg by Salty Goal Productions, Captive in Devil’s Village.

My journey started with writing a piece for the introduction of the game; something like the opening scenes for one of the races. I won’t give away too much, as I would like to see how many of you can guess for which race I wrote when the initial demo comes out. It has been an exhilarating experience so far, and amazing to see how a game gets developed in many of its various aspects from the start.

Next up we will be developing many of the quests that will take up a large portion of the start of the game. What interests me is the inclusion of consequence for the player, as every action and reaction will have a consequence. It makes the writing that much more unique and exciting, and gives an author like me much more play on character development than my novels every could.

It also gives me a lot more exposure for my upcoming Choice of Games adventure novels. I’m experimenting with many of the elements I wanted to incorporate in these game novels. Who knows, maybe Antreya studios will let me develop some adventure novels based on their upcoming MMO.

One step at a time. Remember, I have some other exciting projects launching this and next month. My romantic fantasy novel ‘Dream Whispers’ is set to be launched soon, and Celenic Earth Publications has two anthologies that will be launched. There will be some heavy traffic on my social media and press release room in the next few weeks to come, so keep your eyes open.

As a final note, ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal‘ sales have picked up in the last week, so I am waiting for more feedback. Ever since I published the paperback version, the ebook has almost been forgotten, proving once again that paperback still maintains its hold over digital.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


One thought on “My Journey Begins…into an upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Antreya Chronicles

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