Celenic Earth Publications announces its upcoming Horror Anthology


Something dark this way comes…..

In the aftermath of my debut horror novel, ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal‘, I am have met with many great writers around the world who love the horror genre. Whether it be books, films, games or any other media, their minds are firmly entrenched in the darkness of the horrific realm.

I have taken it upon myself to utilise my publishing label, Celenic Earth Publications, to get these writers together and create our own anthology of horror short stories. My goal right now is to get writers from different areas of the world, and currently I have writers from Florida, Texas, U.K. and, of course, myself in South Africa. I will be on the lookout this week to scout more talent from other parts of the world, hopefully on the eastern side (which would be a treat), and the names will be published on my site when all arrangements have been put into place.

The first horror anthology has tentatively been named ‘Cea through the Dark’, nominated by one of the writers. The CEA is an acronym formed from Celenic Earth Anthology, and I feel it is a delightful play on words (something I dearly love doing myself).

I will be setting up our group in the next week or two while fleshing out more details until we can establish ourselves further. Expect further news as the anthology develops.

With Warm Regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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