Epic fantasy series, Celenic Earth Chronicles, available on Amazon in paperback


Greetings, my readers and followers

Ever since I made ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ available in paperback, and after my little holiday, I’ve been working on getting my epic fantasy trilogy, Shadowolf Volume 1: The Celenic Earth Chronicles into Amazon paperback too. The series was available in paperback since 2015 in South Africa on Loot and Groep7 Drukkers, but this amounted to high costs in shipping and a long waiting period for anyone who ordered it from overseas. One of my most loyal readers waited three months to have her books delivered to her by ship in Australia, making it just in time for Christmas.

Since I would like more than just my own country to read the series that I love so much, I was determined to get it more available and accessible internationally. I am happy to announce that, after some heavy effort this weekend to get it through sooner than my personal deadline of the end of this month, they have been approved by Amazon and are finally available. Now you can order them online through your local Amazon store and have the book delivered to you at less cost and much quicker time.

So, for those of you who put off buying the ebook until the paperback is available, the time for waiting is over. You can head on over to your local online Amazon, search my name, and order from there. Clicking on the image at the top of this post will also take you to my Amazon.com link for the books. If the paperback is not indicated as available yet, give it a few days. I am sure it will appear by Friday.

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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