Happy 2017 – Here’s what to expect from one of your favourite authors this year


Happy 2017 to one and all!

The holiday season has come and gone for many of us, and the calendrical new year is upon us. Another year of promise, hope and things to possibly look forward to. Another year where we get to try again, or grow upon our previous year’s success.

After a well rested holiday, I am happy to announce that my creative side will be switched on again and I will be commencing with my writing. I am hoping to also take on some studies this year as well as some personal projects, but let’s focus on my writing projects for now.


The year will start off with a bang for me. In January, I am hoping to get my three epic fantasy novels of the Celenic Earth Trilogy in print format for those of you overseas. Here in South Africa, my local distributors Loot and Groep7 Drukkers already have them available in print, but the shipping costs are just too much for those of you abroad. I am hoping to have all three available in print before the end of January on Amazon and thereby nullify the international shipping costs. How’s that for customer service?


In the same vein, I am busy in negotiations with my local printers to make ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ available in print for South Africa. I already have it available in print overseas on Amazon, which is doing remarkable well after I thought print was going out of fashion. I have plans in place to now make it available in print locally by end January / beginning Feb. More news on this the end of the month.


My romantic fantasy novel, ‘Dream Whispers‘ is underway again, much to the joy of many of my fantasy readers. Thank you so much for the encouragement on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. It is great to see that so many of you are waiting for my next fantasy endeavour. This will be worked on throughout the month and I am still being hopeful that I can publish this early this year. I am in the heart of the plot now, and I am sure the energy will carry me through to the climactic end.

During this year I will be working on the development of two horror novels, one supernatural horror and another post-apocalyptic. The first will be ‘Malum: Rise of the Deadly Sins’ (think Diablo 3) and ‘Resilience: Dawn of a New World’ (think Fallout 4). Both will take the same amount of extensive planning and development, so I am expecting either of these to only be worked on mid-year for publishing later in the year.

SH Obversion.png

And, of course, what I am sure will be the most anticipated sequel from me as yet, ‘Silent Hill: Obversion’. Whether I will still be able to fit this in this year with my other projects, we will have to see. I will however be doing heavy development on this, which I will update you with as I proceed. Even though my brain was supposed to be taking a break from the writing side of life, I couldn’t help daydream about where this story will be taking us, who the characters will be and what effect they will have on each other. The dynamic and mechanics will be completely different from ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’, with the overarching story playing out quietly on the side. Expect some teasers to be revealed mid-year, if not before.

And that’s about if for now. I would love to hear more from you, so if you would like to share what you did on your holiday with me, please feel free to comment to this post. Also, if you have some interest writing projects happening this year, please share. I would love to hear about it. If you just want to tag a link to  your website for me to follow, by all means do so.

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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