‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ will be available in print format shortly


So here is some good news for those of you who have been waiting for the print editions of ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ to become available. I have been working hand in hand with Amazon to make that happen. We are very close to having both the Vanilla and Extended editions available in print format.

SHB: Vanilla Edition

This edition is ready to roll! It has been approved by Amazon and will be available on online Amazon markets within 5 business days. If you are too eager to wait that long, it is immediately available for direct purchase from CreateSpace Direct, here (click on image):


SHB: Extended Edition

This is currently undergoing final approval. I tried to get the images and maps printed in full colour, but was blown back when I saw that it would cost between $50 – $76 for buyers, due to the cost for printing in colour. So, I have had to go with black n white, but at least you will still get the maps and alternate endings, to at least keep the selling price at about $21. I suggest getting a copy of the ebook to supplement the hard copy, so you can at least see what the colour versions look like.

I will update you as to when this becomes available to purchase.

Celenic Earth Chronicles


So now that I have been able to distribute my books directly through Amazon, I will be doing the same for ‘Windfarer’, ‘DragonRider’ and ‘Sadgi’. These have been available in print since Aug 2015 actually, but since it was published and printed here in South Africa, those of you overseas have preferred buying the ebook versions due to the high cost of shipping (costing more than the book actually).

With the upcoming Amazon arrangements coming into play, now you will be able to order print copies locally and not have to pay so much for delivery. I will update you as soon as these become available online.



Have no fear, fellow South Africans. Just because Amazon is not available for local delivery in SA yet doesn’t mean you now have to pay massive costs to have them shipped from overseas. I will be utilising the same printers and distributers for local delivery as I did before with the Celenic Earth Chronicles, namely Loot and Groep 7 Drukkers. 

Once I have the print books established here in South Africa, I will let you know.

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth



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