Dark fantasy novel “Malum: Rise of the Deadly Sins”undergoes concept development


Whenever I reach a comfortable point in writing a novel, I usually start planning the next one. As mentioned in my previous post, ‘Upcoming novels: A look to future releases, there are a host of novels I still want to work on in this lifetime. Picking the next novel to start on isn’t always easy, so I usually go with the one I am most excited about at that point in time. As illustrated by the concept poster I designed, the next novel to be published after my romantic fantasy novel, ‘Dream Whispers‘, will be ‘Malum: Rise of the Deadly Sins’.

The novel is inspired by my experience with the Diablo game series. Every time I have played Diablo 3, I develop new ideas for the dark fantasy / supernatural horror novel I want to write. The first Malum novel is more inspired by Diablo 1 than 3 though, but I am hoping to work up to the same grand scale as Diablo 3 by the fifth novel.


I was hoping to pursue obtaining permission to write a Diablo 3 novel with Blizzard, much as I did with ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal‘ with Konami. There are several reasons I decided to do my own thing with this one. First is the long amount of time and the strain that comes with pursuing such permission. Second is the contention with Diablo fans that I am sure might arise. Third, I am rather excited to be developing my own world, set with its own supernatural creatures, beliefs and mysteries.

So between writing sessions on Dream Whispers, I will be developing Malum: RotDS so that, by the time Dream Whispers is complete, I can hopefully start writing the dark fantasy novel. There will be so much work to put into it: new magical systems, various weapons and their relevant enchantments; the creatures and ‘bosses’; different levels and locations, etc. It is like developing my own new game! (see the excited child in me hopping up and down?)

Here is what I have developed so far:

  • Rough map of the main starting village location
  • Three main characters (designed from concepts of warrior, mage and thief)
  • Several village side characters (essential to the core storyline and side quests)
  • Some non-essential characters
  • Core magical system, warrior system and thief abilities
  • Systematic levels of progression
  • Draft main questline and some side quests
  • Basic weapons list

I will release more information as the development progresses. In the meantime, writing ‘Dream Whispers’ and planning for the ‘Silent Hill: Obversion’ (tentative date November 2017) is still on the cards.

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth



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