Upcoming novels: A look to future releases


It’s that time of the year where I take a holistic look at the year that’s passed, and the year that’s fast approaching. I’ve accomplished what I wanted in terms of novels at least, with ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ published before its set deadline and it looks like ‘Dream Whispers’ may be completed well ahead of schedule.

However, whenever I’ve given updates on the novel I am currently writing, expanding my growing marketing skills that were non-existent before, I don’t get to share my new novels that I have created and am busy developing in the background. In the last two days I  developed ideas for three new novels, and so my list is growing faster than I can catch up with.

Luckily, as a self-published author, who writes, edits, illustrates, publishes, networks and markets all on my own (much against the advice of those online gurus; yes, I am my own island), the only one who sets deadlines for my work is me. And since I consider myself a hard worker who writes relatively quickly, I’m not too hard on myself most of the time.

So, here are my list of projects in my planning portfolio that I hope to publish and release in this single lifetime

Genre Title Series Book number Inspiration
Fantasy: Romance Dream Whispers DreamWeaver Saga 1 N/A
Fantasy: Supernatural Secret of the Hidden Banshee N/A N/A N/A
Fantasy: Mystery Crystal Warf Crystal Islands 1 ‘Myst’
Fantasy: Epic TBA Shadowolf Volume 2: Draeconia Chronicles 1 N/A
Fantasy: Dark Rise of the Deadly Sins Malum 1 ‘Diablo’
Fantasy: Adventure Early Wars Battle & Enchantment 1 ‘Heroes of Might & Magic’
Fantasy: Epic Adventure The Ice Knight Tales of Wonder 1 ‘Fable’
Fantasy: Mythological The Southern Seas Legends of Blue Beard 1 ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’
Fantasy: Comedy Veil of the Scarlet Pumpkin TriWorld Heritage 1 Terry Pratchett / Robert Rankin
Horror: Survival Birth Rite Damned Souls Saga 1 ‘Silent Hill 4’
Horror: Survival Obversion Silent Hill 2 ‘Silent Hill’
Horror: Survival Basement Escape Dead Line 1 N/A
Horror: Post-apocalyptic New Dawn Resilience 1 ‘Fallout 4’
Horror: Post-apocalyptic Convict Cemetery Haunted Island 1 ‘Dying Light’
Horror: Apocalyptic Survival First Heat Wave Summer of Horror 1 N/A
Thriller: Crime The Key to Heaven Heaven’s Gate Murders 1 N/A
Thriller: Crime The Historian’s Rubies Kathy Pearson 1 ‘N/A’
Thriller: Psychological The Writer N/A N/A ‘N/A’
Thriller: Espionage The Organisation Nikita Fatale 1 ‘James Bond’
Suspense: Adventure Shredding the Underground Terminal Velocity 1 ‘Need for Speed’
Science Fiction: Survival Horror Hell on Titan Deathly Ruins 1 ‘Doom’/’Alien’
Science Fiction: Planetary Exploration The Cornesian Rift Planetary Civilisations Vol 1: Sorcada Chronicles 1 ‘N/A’
Science Fiction: Adventure The Vault Door Mercenaries 1 N/A
Crime: True Crime Rising from the Ashes Shades of Morality 1 ‘Grand Theft Auto’
Crime: True Crime A New Calling The Cape Assassin 1 ‘Assassin’s Creed’
Drama Home for Retiring Dogs N/A N/A N/A

Ok, I’ve always had this list on OneNote, but now having compiled it like this, I realise just how many novels I have planned. Let’s hope by the Lord’s grace that my life is long enough to complete them all and their sequels. Yes, I am a great lover of sequels, with very few planned solo works. Most books, games or movies I own are parts of a series. That’s just how I roll.

So here’s to 2017 and what it may hold. May it never be said that my literary life was boring!

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth


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