Silent Hill: Betrayal scores International Relations in U.K. and U.S.


As my involvement in Silent Hill communities grows, so I get to meet new people and discuss my Silent Hill novel with them. As mentioned before, I look for sites and Silent Hill fans that are interested in spreading the news of my novel to others, and sharing their feedback after reading it.

As H.B. Duran, host of My Silent Hill and the Patreon Silent Hill Community, had already engaged with me for an Interview on ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’, I felt she was the right choice to engage with for the United States. She already has quite a following, and work on the interview spread out pretty quickly once it was released. I will be sure to engage with her again on any future Silent Hill work I wish to share.

I had discovered another ‘My Silent Hill’ fanpage on facebook, thinking it was linked to Duran’s site, but realised that it was hosted by someone else altogether. When I saw that I could share news of SHB’s release and concept posters in that community, which received some positive feedback, I quickly engaged with the host, Andi Hodgetts, on becoming my U.K. liaison through his Facebook site. So look forward to me sharing future news with you on that fanpage too.

I am still looking for more Silent Hill community liaisons around the world, so if you know of any in your location, please let me know by emailing me at and I will look into it.

For more information on Silent Hill International Relations, click here.

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth




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