Progress update: ‘Dream Whispers’ romantic fantasy novel


As the weekend is set to start soon, I thought I would give a quick update on the progress of my upcoming romantic fantasy novel, ‘Dream Whispers’.

I am now well into what I consider to be Act 2 of the storyline, about 25% of the estimated page length. I am straying away from making it an epic fantasy like my Celenic Earth novels, which ranged up to 500 pages each, and keeping it to a limit of 350 pages, if that much. The chapter layout and scene development have all been completed in the interim, so now all that’s left is to write the tale.

There will also be a new approach to chapter headings and their layouts. I am wanting to try something different this time so that my books don’t all follow the same formula. The chapters won’t be separated into groups this time; Celenic Earth had Parts, Silent Hill: Betrayal had Acts. ‘Dream Whispers’ will simply have chapters, playing out in their own secret setting.

As Desiree, the protagonist, starts learning to master the art of weaving her dreams, I will be releasing creative artwork on social media to supplement those visions. So be sure to check my Twitter and Facebook accounts for these sneak peek releases.

Have a blessed weekend and be safe as we approach the holiday season.

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth



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