Silent Hill Lore Video: Awesome Prelude to ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ novel


H.B. Duran, owner of My_Silent_Hill and the recently created PATREON for Silent Hill fans, has just released the first video on Silent Hill lore, which features none other than the infamous Pyramid Head.

I cannot help but be excited by this video, and after watching through it I could only shout one word: ‘Yes!’. The lore detailed in this video gives much of the info on Silent Hill that is indicated in my novel, ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’. When Jeanette gives Trevor background information on the town, it might as well be Duran’s voice speaking to him. And when you read my own prelude in the novel, explaining my use of Pyramid Head, then you might as well watch this video too: we share the same sentiments. There is even something in this video that is explained right at the conclusion of the novel by the final antagonist…but I guess you will have to read through the book to find out what that is.

And so, to show my support for what I believe is the base for my novel, especially for those of you who have never experienced Silent Hill in any form, I am providing a link for the video:


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

With warm regards

The Count of Celenic Earth



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