What to expect from upcoming Fantasy Novel, ‘Dream Whispers’


As I’ve indicated before, I am working on my upcoming romantic fantasy novel called ‘Dream Whispers’ {DW} during NaNoWriMo this year. It is book 1 of the ‘Dreamweaver Saga’, and introduces a whole new magical world.

I want to take a moment to let potential readers know what to expect from this novel, especially those that have been through my epic fantasy series, Shadowolf Volume 1: The Celenic Earth Chronicles {CEC}, and now reading my supernatural horror novel, ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’. It is basically a comparison with these works.

First off, there will be no horror elements in DW. I know this seems like an oddly strange statement to make, since I made it clear that it is a fantasy novel. However, CEC had various mixes of horror elements within it, despite it being epic fantasy. I guess  you could compare it to Lord of the Rings, where there were several horror elements in there too.

I’m leaving horror out of this one and focusing more on adventure and certain elements of romance. I’m straying away from the far side of turning this into a sloppy, lovey dovey novel, but injecting some love and attraction in where necessary. It will have more of the feel of Raymond E. Feist’s Riftwar Saga than Lord of the Rings.

Having said that, point 2 is that there will be no war. I’ve overdone fantasy battles and war in CEC. I want to move away from it for a bit before I start Shadowolf Volume 2: The Draeconia Chronicles. I’m not saying there won’t be swords and magic, I’m just saying not to the extent of full-on war and rather tied to quests and adventures.

Point 3 is that the novel and series will mainly focus on dreams, the power to control them, and the consequences of making them come true. It moves from the creed of saying ‘it was just a dream’ to becoming accountable for what is dreamt. So expect a lot of travelling to the dream realm, where the protagonist will spend much of her time.

Point 4: Magic is mostly limited to the elves this time. In CEC, I had humans share in this ability. This time around, it is restricted. It does not mean that in this world there are not humans that can practice magic, but on the continental island that the protagonist lives on it is unheard of.  The one sect of humans that delve in arcane practice are the Druids, but not to the full potential of the elves. They make more use of potions and nature than the supernatural magic of the elves.

Points 5 – 6: Expect elves to be are rare as unicorns. I had elves in abundance in CEC. As a matter of fact, I had an assortment of many mythological creatures in CEC. It was massive… epic. I’m reducing the focus to the protagonist, her dreams and those around her this time. You won’t even get to see more of the land outside her kingdom until the next novel.

Point 7: This will be an easy read compared to CEC and Silent Hill. Both sets of novels had action all the time, driving you into the main plot and subsets of story arcs all the time. There will be a more relaxed pace to this one, as I take you through the core elements of the dream world that sets the mechanisms for future novels in the series.

There are many more things to expect from this novel, that will take you on a very different journey than any of my other novels, but for now those are the most essential. As with Silent Hill, I will be releasing a ‘novel scope’ in the near future to give more detail.

The expected release date: I am hoping to release this in ebook by Christmas 2016 so that you will have something enjoyable to read over the holidays.

For those of you interested in the action intensive epic fantasy series, CEC, you can head on over to Amazon for your copies here.  For those of you more inclined to supernatural horror, you can order ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ from the same link.

Wishing you all the best,

The Count of Celenic Earth



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