Celenic Earth Chronicles epic fantasy series receives an ebook upgrade

new series.jpg

Following the completion of ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ (SHB), I felt it was time that my epic fantasy trilogy, the Celenic Earth Chronicles, received the ebook facelift that it deserves.

When the original ebooks were delivered to me in pdf format, I had uploaded it to Amazon with very little knowledge of how ebooks were created, formatted and published. Fortunately I taught myself very quickly how to do it with SHB. Yet, I recalled how a few readers had told me that the Celenic Earth Chronicles ebook format was slightly faulty, and now that I know how it works I am embarrassed that I published the novels in that state!

Never fear: I have spent the weekend working on each of the books. Not only have I formatted the pages correctly, but there are several upgrades to each of them to make them look more professional. In summary, the revisions include the following:

  • Inclusion of cover art at the start of the book
  • Author biography
  • Content pages similar to SHB’s new format
  • Professional copyright and publishing page
  • Updated maps as per the print books
  • Updated Annexures and Glossaries
  • Proper chapter hyperlinks and headings

The tales go unchanged, keeping to the original stories with no alterations. I have simply reformatted the document to better standards, more in line with SHB’s new format and professional look.

And of course, I cannot release new versions without updating the covers. As seen at the start of this post, those are the new covers that will be updated on Amazon as soon as they approve it. So look forward to seeing the new books available on Amazon soon, which can be viewed here. Just give the site one or two days, and as soon as you see the new covers, you can be assured of the new versions being available.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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