‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ finalised & Book Cover Poll Results


And so it is done. ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ has been finalised. All the editing and formatting into eBook has been completed and the novel is now ready to be published. Both versions will be available come 31 October 2016 when it launches. For those who might have missed the news, there will be a Vanilla Edition, with just the text and standard ending, and the Extended Edition for hardcore fans and gamers, with maps, images and now five alternative endings.

You are able to pre-order the version you want before it launches if you wish:



Last week I held a poll whereby you could vote for the cover you loved the most. I am glad to announce that the ‘Caroline Suicide’ cover won the voting, and it was a close call with second place ‘Suicide Mansion’. Since both covers were loved do much, I have decided to place ‘Suicide Mansion’ on the Vanilla Edition and ‘Caroline Suicide’ on the Extended Edition.

Poll vote.png

Thank you so much to the large number of you that voted!! It was an amazing response. The new covers have been submitted for each version to Amazon, which will be updated during the week, so don’t be alarmed if you head on over to pre-order and the old images are still showing.

I hope you all are looking as forward to the launch as I am!!

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth

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