‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ – Vanilla and Extended Editions


So many moons ago, I had teased at the idea that I wanted to include maps and images I had created for the novel in an extended version of the book. I wanted to do this so that those who didn’t want to download a large file could just download the simple text version and just read the story like it was meant to be enjoyed.

For the gamers and Silent Hill fans out there, I wanted to do more. I have therefore made two versions of the ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ novel available:

VANILLA: this is the pure, unadulterated version of the book, the simple storyline whereby you have the powers of your imagination to guide you around the haunted town and demonic Otherworld.

EXTENDED: this contains all of the original text, supplemented not only by the maps (updated as Trevor travels through the town and updates them) and images of certain puzzle elements, but also by four alternate endings for the hardcore game fans out there.

I truly hope you enjoy all of the work I’ve put into this. Remember, ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ will be launching at the end of October on Amazon, and you can head there now to pre-order either version of the book already.


In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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