Turkey ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ Interview now available


After my first interview with My Silent Hill, there was a stir among Silent Hill fans across the world about the upcoming novel and what it meant for the franchise. This is especially true following the fall of Silent Hills game that was cancelled.

A journalist in Turkey noticed the exchange happening between the fans, having been part of a Silent Hill Community in Turkey. He kindly requested to collate queries about the upcoming novel with the Community and then phrase them to me in an interview. I accepted, and then the interview was done.

You are now able to view the interview on Tansel Altinel’s Blog. The interview will soon be translated into the local Turkey language, but it is also available in English for everyone else. I believe this interview to be an essential Preface to my novel, so that fans can know what to expect, and what not to expect.


As you may be aware, I will be presenting several concept covers that I am developing for the upcoming novel. Once the covers are ready, I will be raising a voting poll to see which one is favoured the most. So far the covers are thus:

As I develop more covers while I edit the final version of the novel, I will be sure to let you know. Please remember to PREORDER your copy of the ebook novel so that you can start reading on 31 October 2016 when it is LAUNCHED.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth



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