‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ – Second Interview Upcoming


After my first exclusive interview with My Silent Hill  and the follow up announcement by NAG online, the news of my upcoming debut Silent Hill novel took the world by surprise. It sparked many debates on a number of platforms, some of which I have been privy to thanks to my contacts.

It was in the midst of one such debate that a Turkish journalist and writer, who himself is a huge Silent Hill fan, requested to do an interview with me. He is a member of the local Turkish Silent Hill community, and as such wanted an interview he could provide them with in their own language. The interview is special and unique in a way where the questions have been collated from queries the SH community had about my novel. So in a way, I am addressing the Turk fans directly through this interview.

The interview will be made available in English too, so that SH fans around the world can also read them. I believe this interview gives a lot more insight than I have ever before and helps to clarify many concerns fans might have.

The journalist is busy preparing the interviews in both languages. I will let you know as soon as it is available on his site.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth




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