My first crime TV series get its official name registered as ‘The CopyCat Effect’


Welcome to one of my newer projects. I have been wanting to write a new TV series for a while now, and even though I had one in the pipeline that was similar to the ‘Heroes’ TV series, this crime series holds more appeal to me right now.

I’ve hinted at this series on twitter, but now that it is officially registered with the Writer’s Guild of South Africa and my scripts are protected, I can announce that the series is called “The CopyCat Effect”.

It is a cross between “The Mentalist” and “Castle”. I have based the location in South Africa, but obviously it could change if someone overseas purchases it and wants to change the location. It is based on a question I’ve asked myself once: ‘What if someone decides to enact the murders featured in my future crime novels exactly like I had written it?” And “The CopyCat Effect” was born.

The series will focus on more than just the author’s killings though. As a researcher of famous murders and copycat killings, author Jessica Crowley is sought after for her advice on murders that simulate famous killings of world-renowned serial killers. There is only one problem though: Jessica is in prison, having being charged for the murders in her novels that were copied by someone else in reality, simply because the only evidence they had were her novels, the same M.O. and her personal possessions found at the latest scenes.

So while she assists the South African FBI units, the State Security Agency and SAPS in solving CopyCat murders, some of them really taking strange twists, she secretly investigates who could have copied her work, and then framed her for them. It becomes a global game of Cat and Mouse, with Jessica not sure who she can really trust while her colleagues don’t believe in her innocence. They believe they are using a murderer to catch murderers.

The Pilot episode is done, and now work starts on not only completing the other episodes in the first season, but also finding potential producers for the series. I will keep you updated.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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