Silent Hill: Betrayal – Nearing the end of a beautiful journey

Since I’m a month ahead of schedule, I decided to take a week off to spend with my family during my wife and my anniversary. That six years can go so quickly…

And now that I’m back on with Silent Hill, it’s so sad to be reaching the end of an epic writing journey. It’s the final showdown now. Everything has led to this.

And then the tedious editing begins. This of course will be necessary to ensure consistency throughout the story and add / alter descriptions where necessary.

I’ve had some feedback from one of my alpha readers on Act 1 that I would like to share here:

‘I love your version of Silent Hill, the little twists and build up, I almost expect to see some horrific creature around every corner.  One word, STUPENDOUS’

On a side-note, I’m working with an internationally recognised film production company here in South Africa, doing some screenwriting for some project ideas we have. I can’t share more than that right now, but keep a look out for mentions on social media until I can make the official announcement. 

Another film company have asked if they can adapt the Celenic Earth Chronicles to film, but these discussions are still to early to promise anything right now.

Finally, expect the Amazon pre-order of the Silent Hill ebook to become available early early October. I will be sure to announce it when the time comes.

In love and grace 

The Count of Celenic Earth


2 thoughts on “Silent Hill: Betrayal – Nearing the end of a beautiful journey

  1. Hello. Name is Dave Pierre Spence and I’m a huge fan of the horror genre and psychological horror as well. I’ve been a fan of the popular video game Silent Hill and seen both feature films from Konami. Congratulations on your debut novel and I really look forward to reading to what you have in store for the fans.

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