SHB: The Weekend Ahead and Project Updates


The weather forecast for this weekend is rain, rain, rain, as our winter moves towards the coming spring. And of course this means that I get to work on my “Silent Hill: Betrayal” with the rain pattering outside  on the window panes… man, I can’t wait!

The novel is now at one of the more exciting parts for me. Trevor will be entering some new locations I have created for the novel. Although Silent Hill Resort is an oldie by itself, I have created two attractions within in it that ties to Trevor and his buddy Jay. Clues from Bishop’s murder leads them to Suicide Manor, which is not to be wrongfully confused with the Borley Haunted Mansion from Silent Hill 3 (I say this because I have already seen some incorrect assumptions of links to the games based on my short synopsis, so I am preempting further assumptions of this nature. If you look hard enough, you will find a link to anything and everything, just like the Number 23) . The manifestations within the manor are linked to Caroline’s suicide, and provides further revelations as to their involvement.


Following that is the Maze of the Beast. This will lead to the ultimate showdown that Trevor will have to face.

I’ve had to adjust chapter layout for the final stretch of the novel to make sure it flows better, so there are now six chapters left before the finale. I am hoping to complete half of the remainder of the novel, but will keep updating followers on Twitter with regards to the results. Who knows, maybe I will make time for some location SneakPeeks this Sunday.

SHB enters Alpha testing / reading

Just like in the gaming industry, and I am sure among many authors, I have Alpha and Beta reading stages. While I am busy completing Act 3, I have asked someone close to me to read Act 1 for me to see how it plays out and if there is a general good flow to the story. Having played Silent Hill and knowing the franchise very well, I feel this will be a good test of how well the novel will reach the SH audience.

One of my die-hard readers has also contacted me with several requests to pre-order the novel. As a reward for the pre-order, and in recognition of her devotion to my writing and anticipation of the novel, I have made the rough draft Act 1 available to her in eBook format. So far the response has been overwhelming and extremely positive, encouraging me to continue. With very little experience of the Silent Hill franchise (having only ‘heard of it somewhere’), it helps me gauge the suspense levels of my writing with no relevance to SH and the impact the novel will have on the horror, non-SH audience.

Update on Other projects


Most of my writing focus and energy is on SHB now, so it should be understandable that some of my other projects are either in slow-mo or completely stationary. With the realisation of just how much I enjoy writing a novel based on one of my favourite games, I’ve reached out to other game producers and digital entertainment companies for a chance to either novel adapt or create my own stories on some of my other favourite games. There are three requests that I am currently waiting on an answer for, and once I receive an official response you will know which ones those are.

Stepping back to my own, original book projects, here is the current status:

woman-966495_960_720Kathy Pearson Series: Book 1 – Kathy Pearson and the Historian’s Crystals

This detective / crime thriller is in the beginning stages of planning. A few of the lead characters at the academy she will be studying her Criminology degree have been identified and their roles in the first case clarified. Her backdrop has also been defined, as well as the macro plot that will travel across the entire series.

surreal-749685_640Dreamweaver Saga: Book 1 – Dream Whispers

This novel takes me back to my fantasy roots, and is a feel-good romance with some adventure and drama thrown in for good measure. The first novel’s chapters have been defined, with some more work needed to develop them further before principal writing can begin. This will follow hot on the heel’s of SHB’s launch, since many of my fantasy fans have been eagerly waiting for me to start.

Resilience DoaNWResilience Series: Book 1 – Dawn of a New World

Surprisingly, this post-apocalyptic horror / adventure / thriller set in Cape Town, South Africa has got more of my followers excited than I had expected. Some heavy design principles and series plots have been developed already, much faster than I have for any other series. Different factions in Cape Town and their host wards have already been defined, with their key philosophies and beliefs. I am really excited to begin this project one day.

plans-767374_960_720.jpgCrystal Islands Saga: Book 1 – Crystal Warf 

One of my longest planned crime / fantasy genre cross-over novels, this series was born for my love of the Myst game series. Each book in the series has basically been planned out already, and the first novel is ready to be written.

stairs-735995_960_720.jpgDamned Souls Saga: Book 1 – Birth Rite

This supernatural horror series is based on a dream I had during a time when I was playing Silent Hill 4 too much. Each book is based in a series of towns I moved between in my youth. All the novels of the series have been planned out, together with the major characters for the series as well as minor characters for each book. The first novel is basically ready to be written, and the first three chapters have already been completed as a first draft.

thumb.pngThe Secret of the Hidden Ganshee

My attempt at a solo novel without sequels, this fantasy tale stems from my first NaNoWriMo completed last year. It was the quickest I ever developed a novel storyline, characters and sequences. The novel is a third of the way completed and I envision working further on the novel this coming NaNo in November.

dragon-1293373_960_720.jpg Shadowolf Volume 2: The Draeconia Chronicles

With the completion of Celenic Earth Chronicles, Volume 1 of the Shadowolf series, there is a plan to return to my first ever series for the next volume of books. Between “The Windfarer” and “The DragonRider”, there was tell of a dragon world with 7 kingdoms where Shadowolf had traveled to in order to learn more about the powers of the DragonRider, and to help the Dragon King Asgorna in their Dragon War. In this four-book series, Shadowolf is summoned to them once more…but not as their allies.

There are some more projects on the list, such as my planned comedy fantasy cross-over (similar to Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin) and a sci fi series, but they haven’t really progressed further than listing the titles and adding them to my project list. All these above will be added to my wordpress project portfolio in due time, but first… let me focus on completing SHB.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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