‘Silent Hill Betrayal’: Establishing International Relations


The time has come for me to reach out across the world to those who would like to be kept updated on my upcoming ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ novel. We often say how small the world is, especially with the advancement of modern technology, but sometimes it is revealed just how huge it really is.

This revelation comes hot on the heels of an agreement I’ve made to do an interview with a Turkish writer who is a great fan of Silent Hill and has his own Silent Hill community. It helped me discover that there really is a wide world out there and just maybe other Silent Hill communities in other countries would love the same updates from someone local to them or in their own language.

So I am now going to start establishing Celenic Earth’s International Relations. I am calling out to any writers or journalists or web-hosters from countries around the world who would like to be kept updated with the novel’s progress so that they can post the news to others on their websites, blogs and social media. Even though there will be a focus on getting non-English representatives in their countries, I will also very much welcome English reps from countries where news of my novel has not been reached yet, such as Canada and Australia. I am sure there must be Silent Hill communities there too.

Feel free to contact me on celenicearth@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer to represent your country. For now, my hunt on the web begins.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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