Point of clarity: Konami and SKE involvement in my upcoming Silent Hill novel


After my recent interview with My Silent Hill and the announcement from NAG Online about my upcoming Silent Hill novel, there has been a stream of discussions, debates, encouragements and general flaming around the idea of a Silent Hill novel being written and published. I’ll spare you all the details; I was warned I would get this kind of positive and negative attention from fans that believe Silent Hill is theirs alone.

Be that as it may, there was one valid point in the fog of discussions that really stood out, and that was my statement that Konami and Ster-Kinekor Entertainment (SKE) had given me the approval and go-ahead to proceed with this novel. This has given the false impression that my novel is now a licensed product of Konami that will have the Konami stamp on it and will be announced in several press releases around the world.

Exciting text

To explain the whole process in an interview is perhaps not the right platform. So let me explain it here instead. In my original communication with Konami (for which I still have the official ticket number recorded), they were comfortable that I proceed, but indicated that licensing and approvals sat with their distributors and that I needed to approach SKE for the final approval, since they had the Konami licence rights here in South Africa. I then approached SKE and, after some discussion to clarify that this is my own novel and not an adaptation of the games or movies, they were comfortable that I proceed.

And that is it. It was highlighted that neither would be affiliated with my novel by any means, since this is entirely my project. So even though I got the approval and go-ahead to do this novel, I am on my own. This is my Silent Hill and whatever I write or publish will be my own story, separate from them and the current franchise.

So basically, it is like fan-fiction in published, full-feature novel form.

I apologise if the interviews and announcements might have made this vague or caused some confusion, but I think at this stage, where my website and upcoming novel is now attracting so much attention, the time is right to set the record straight.

Who knows…? If Konami and SKE feel they also need to set the record straight, there might be an announcement after all. But for now, it’s just me…. As long as I keep the original ticket number and communications safe, I know I can safely proceed with this project.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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