Help Kids Read – Fundraising Campaign


As a philanthropist, I have always wanted to a part of something big that can make a huge difference in the world we live in. Since the start of this year I made an agreement with myself to play a greater role in fulfilling this dream and that decision has led to me becoming involved in the following:

  • Kids Need to Read: an organisation founded in part by actor Nathan Fillion that strives to help kids gain literature and education so that they can learn to read more;
  • Kids of the Cape: a social investment initiative, Non-Profit Organization registered with the Department of Social Development of the Western Cape, which helps develop projects and raises funds to help kids in Cape Town with regards to welfare, education and health;
  • World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature and Conservation in South Africa: a fundraising association that utilises the donations they receive to help conserve and protect animals, plants and natural ecosystems;
  • HeforShe: an United Nations initiative started by actress Emma Watson that focuses on gender equality in every aspect;
  • Save the Rhino: a NPO that helps protect the South African Rhino from pouching and extinction by creating new habitats for them

Even though I am involved with these initiatives at a low-level, sometimes only being able to promote them, I would like to do more, but am not always able to due to financial constraints. I have learnt from sage mentors, though, that not having money should not be used as an excuse. That is how I came to the idea of starting a fundraising campaign to help me further reach my dream of helping others. I believe literature and education are the future of our children, and therefore would like to contribute towards them having enough resources at their disposal.

As this fundraiser’s goal is to enable NPOs, schools and libraries to be able to purchase books and resources for kids, I won’t be setting any incentive or reward levels, as funds received will be going towards the cause and logistics involved. However, donators’ names will be indicated in all blogs, social media and newspapers that will feature the results of this campaign to show the level of commitment given by all those that care. This is, after all, not about the rewards, but rather about helping the future generations of this world.

Help me make a difference to the world, and make it so much richer through literature!

If you would like to contribute towards this initiative, or know of organisations or entities that could give a helping hand, please go to the following link or share it:–7/x/13766892

Here’s hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth

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