Christian values in the Celenic Earth Chronicles


For many of you who have progressed through most of the Celenic Earth Chronicles, probably at least “Windfarer” and “DragonRider”, you may have picked up on some key Christian and faith-based values deep within the story. Sure, there’s the superficial obvious clues: angels vs demons, good vs evil, darkness vs light, heaven vs hell.

Yet, by “The Sadgi”, you will have realised just how deeply rooted it is. Much as C.S. Lewis wrote his Chronicles of Narnia to express a story about Jesus Christ, there are many deeper meanings in the Celenic Earth Chronicles. One of these is to break about from the gender and racial stereotypes that hurt so many of us. If you missed the racial stereotype, read through the  novels again and notice how certain creatures and races are treated, that are considered ‘evil’ just because of who they are (Shadowolf’s horse Mandy in the first novel, as an example). Also notice the mechanic of changing people’s perception and how a catastrophic event can bring everyone together regardless of race or beliefs.

Without spoiling the end for those of you who have not got there yet, let me reveal the most deepest, hidden meaning in the final novel. Because Shadowolf is accepted as the hero that would save them all, the people of Celenic Earth fall to him to be their saviour. It’s so easy to shift responsibility to one who is willing to bear it. Too many times we develop a hero complex, and people abuse that for their own good, forgetting that they too have the ability to save.

Yes, Jesus Christ died for our sins. He took away that stain that we as mortal men and women would never be able to cleanse. He did the supernatural and divine, because we as mere ants do not have the power to do so. But that will never take away the responsibility we have to take action and save ourselves. There’s a verse in the scriptures that quite keenly explains that God helps those that helps themselves. This in itself should be clear.

Salvation is a gift – it can only be granted to those that accept it

And that in itself is an action. So am I preaching Christianity? In a way, yes, as I am a Christian. But in another, I am preaching salvation in no matter which religion you are in and the requirement that you actually participate in it. One day there will come an event where we will realise that we need to stand together, united, as God’s people, no matter in which way you see God in that multi-faceted gem called heaven: buddhist, islam, hindu, wiccan, etc.

And that’s the chief message, hidden in one of Shadowolf’s last messages to the armies of Celenic Earth: Salvation is not just found in me, but in all of us together, united against the darkness.

I just wanted to share that today… in case you missed it…

In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth

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