Update: ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ – Act 2 complete

Silent Hill Poster

This post may be a bit delayed compared to my Social Media links, but with my wife and kids falling ill I had to phase out of author mode for a bit to attend to their needs.

Be that as it may, here it is: Act 2 is complete! There is one Act left before the final showdown. Trevor needs to learn one more truth about betrayal before he meets the final enemy, who will offer him a chance at redemption. What no one knows is that there is an invisible player, someone with a greater scheme at mind. Forgiveness and redemption will come at a price that may be too expensive for Trevor to pay.

Act 3 marches on: the finale of ‘Silent Hill: Betrayal’ is upon us! Expect some SneakPeek sketches and reveals soon!


In love and grace

The Count of Celenic Earth


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