From writing to acting


As per one of my recent posts, ‘The Stage is Set’, through my profile on Stage32 as a screenwriter I was contacted by Canadian film producer, Ronnie Banerjee, to take part in a movie with Angel Salazar (some of you may remember him from the movie Scarface).

This weekend was the initial principle photography with Cape Town based Director of Photography, Brent Peters. We had an exciting time with it, it being my first foray into acting. There were about 12 takes in total with some bloopers in between, but they have all been sent to the producer for evaluation.

Ronnie has already gone through the set as a first glance and the feedback has been overwhelming. From the Film Takes being ‘pure gold’, to the two of us showing ‘excellent commitment and dedication’, we have been informed that we have provided him with a breath of fresh air in the world of filming.

So now we wait while he collects additional footage around the world and goes into production. If I get more news or am allowed to share more information with you, I will post an update!

In love, grace and excitement

The Count of Celenic Earth


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